Boost your travel agencies‘ sales

Airlines have a growing need for flexible and easy to implement tools to increase their sales performance in this highly competitive industry. When it comes to planning on new and tactical sales incentives and swiftly deploying them in selected market segments, you need a reliable solution.

IATA Global Net Remit 5 (NR5), an upfront agency incentive management service helps push your travel agency sales by instantly incentivizing your agents through the BSP settlement cycle. Available in all IATA BSP countries worldwide, the NR5 solution enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of incentives from contract filing, calculation and payment, to reporting and analytics, with no extra effort from Travel Agents.

"This incursion into the BSP is accompanied by an attractive commercial plan of preferential commissions. The full automatioin avoids manual calculation and percentage errors in the commission, simplifies the work for travel agents and helps strengthen the airline-travel agent relationship.”

Octavio Hernandez, Sales Manager, Singapore Airlines, Mexico

A powerful business analytics tool

Tracking, measuring and benchmarking performance of sales with active incentives are critical to drive proper sales strategies. Global NR5 is a must-have for airlines keen to equip their sales teams with an easy-to-use solution which helps to identify opportunities to increase revenues and take informed sales actions.

Some 72 airlines already use NR5. Over US$194 million of supplementary commissions were detected in 2018, representing some 1.4% of gross sales out of over 34 million tickets checked.

Sign up for NR5 now and benefit from:

  • A global access to KPIs and reports on the performance of active deals
  • An effective tracking of present and past sales performance using trends and year on year analysis
  • Detailed views and KPIs on:
    - Commissioned tickets
    - Net revenues
    - Analysis by O&D, by agents, by transactions

New! Advanced Business Intelligence

Monitor & refine your sales performance with the new BI tool.

  • Manage your contracts: you have full access to your deals and can query, monitor and refine them as you evolve your sales strategy
  • Support services: at any time, a team of expert in NR5 will support you in setting up and monitoring your deals

Centralized detection & reporting

All set deals can be captured, stored and centrally monitored.

BSP reported sales data are checked against your active incentives, pre-defined criteria . For every transaction against which an active deal is detected, the solution proceeds with the calculation of supplementary commissions and reports it into the IATA BSP settlement cycle for instant payment to Travel Agents.

  • Very flexible contract filing, and initial deal setup managed for you, to guarantee qualitative and effective activation of the service.
  • A flexible solution to adapt to your needs and offer a wide range of eligibility criteria and conditions. Incentives can apply by segment, booking class, fare basis, flight number, ancillary codes and many more
  • Incentive amounts are automatically calculated. Limited manual input by Travel Agents
  • Incentive amounts are reported daily on Airline HOT and Agent billing analysis
  • Incentives are paid to agents within the same period in which the tickets have been issued

Interested in NR5?

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