Accessible worldwide, iiNET is presently the most comprehensive, flexible and reliable electronic data exchange and data distribution service available to the industry.


  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure
  • Save time and reduce your costs by eliminating the need to use alternative media (i.e. email, cartridges and tapes) for large files and by doing away with custom-made IT solutions with multiple trading partners
  • Improve your information management
  • Reduce the man-hours required for forecasting
  • Maximize the ability of your business to secure relationships through electronic data solutions
  • Develop a cost-effective, B2B data distribution strategy


  • No file size, format or content limitation
  • Several interface options (both online and automated)
  • Platform-independent
  • Instantaneous access to critical revenue accounting data
  • Secure Web access within 48 hours with no initial set-up costs
  • Around-the-clock technical support

iiNET Declinations

ii-NET is available in different options:

iiNET APIsec

Secure connection over HTTPS between your data deployment systems and iiNET across the Internet.
iiNET APIsec (Application Program Interface) is accessible through tailored scripts and commands transmitted through SSL encryption. With this automated method, you can submit and retrieve files as well as extract iiNET tracking information with a custom-made interface solution.
Minimum system requirements: Application designed to submit and/or retrieve functionality and extraction of the tracking information over a secure Internet connection.
Internet connection

iiNET On-line

A browser-based, uintuitive and user-friendly interface solution accessible via the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer encryption). Quick and virtually free to implement.
Minimum system requirements: PC running Windows 95 or higher. Internet browser suchh as Netscape (version 3.04 and up) or Explorer (version 4.0 and up).


Secure interactive and automated file transfers for iiNET users across a public network infrastructure.
iiNET SFTP/SCP is a fully automated connectivity solution that "pushes" data files to your FTP server without the need for operator intervention, while adhering to iiNET strict security codes. The SFTP/SCP solution offers a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module with state-ofthe-art encryption. Compatible with any type of Internet connection, this solution is widely applicable and independent of network topology. The iiNET SFTP/SCP solution is a cost effective and secure way of automating iiNET file transfers.
The SFTP/ SCP solution can be used as a stand-alone connection interface or combined with iiNET VPN IPSec for added security.
Minimum system requirements: FTP server running SSH (open source or commercial version) based on public key authentication. Internet connection with a static IP Address iiNET

Target audience

  • Information Technology (IT) decision-makers, airline and industry partners/suppliers
  • Revenue accounting managers / decision-makers, airlines and industry partners/suppliers
  • Airline management (any department) looking to automate current manual processes

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