Calculate the CO2 footprint of your flight

Simply search and select your departure and arrival airport, choose the aircraft type from the dropdown list and hit calculate. Not sure what your aircraft type is? The most common type on the route will be pre-selected.


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How does the IATA CO2 Connect calculator work?

IATA CO2 Connect provides users with CO2 emissions calculations based on a best practice industry methodology approved by the IATA Passenger Standards Conference (PSC). The calculator incorporates audited airline-specific fuel consumption data. It also considers airline-specific cargo weight, load factors, and cabin configurations.

The calculator uses actual fuel consumption data, covering 74 aircraft types which represents ~98% of the active global passenger fleet, and traffic data from 881 aircraft operators representing ~93% of global air travel.

How are CO2 emissions calculated

  1. Calculation of total CO2 emissions for a given flight
  2. Distribution of CO2 between passenger and cargo payload based on weight
  3. Allocation of CO2 between passengers considering expected occupancy and cabin classes

For a detailed explanation and a calculation, please refer to the FAQ

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Any technical questions or issues to report?

We are constantly building on the accuracy of the calculator which includes the aircraft type selection.  If you have noticed any issues, or have questions not answered in the FAQ, please contact the IATA CO2 Connect team.  Please make sure to include all relevant information (and screen-shots, as applicable).


Disclaimer: CO2 emissions calculations are aligned with the IATA Recommended Practice Per-Passenger CO2 Calculation Methodology. Actual CO2 emissions on the day of travel may have variations.