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Attract more visitors to your destination.


As a destination marketer, you need to be smart about using your marketing dollars to attract the ideal visitors to your destination. Even if you have the most beautiful location, growing visitor numbers still comes down to identifying the right market segments and connecting to suitable travel agents who will help drive more traffic to your destination — which requires data

But accessing that data can be complicated.

  • Travel passenger data are often very disparate and would take way too long to collect on your own.
  • Even if you know your source markets, it’s hard to tell which one has the most significant potential for growth.
  • Identifying the suitable agents who can help you takes a lot of guesswork, increasing the chances of misplaced time, energy, and money.

There should be an easier way to access the information you need to create effective marketing initiatives that attract more visitors to your destination.

GAP helps you do just that.

IATA created Global Agency Pro (GAP) to help destination marketing organizations (DMOs) and tourism boards innovate their marketing strategies. GAP provides a simple way to access comprehensive and accurate ticketing data per travel agency, allowing you to have full visibility of the market.

Access a wealth of information to help you:

  • Identify which ARC and IATA-accredited agencies are selling to what country, region, or city.
  • Pinpoint your most visitor-generating and loyal travel agencies for your destination.
  • Discover opportunities to improve sales in underperforming agencies.
  • See how competing destinations are performing.
  • Get accurate data to help you evaluate which agencies improved performance following a FAM trip.

Maximize your ROI with the help of GAP:

Read how others have enhanced their destination marketing strategy with GAP: 

Don’t miss out on major opportunities to attract more visitors and grow your market.


GAP is the only user-friendly business intelligence tool offering complete data on travel agency tickets sales from IATA and ARC accredited agencies. It also gives you:

  • The largest global ticket sales database from accredited travel agencies worldwide.
  • Updated daily with up to 7 years of historical data + 1 year of future data
  • Reporting filters by date, origin, travel class, agency location, etc.


Take your destination marketing to the next level.

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