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Elevate your passenger experience with data-driven insights

IATA PaxInsight is a survey solution that lets you capture, track, and benchmark every step of your passengers’ journey to enhance customer experience and gain a competitive edge.  

Creating a winning brand strategy that optimizes customer experiences requires a clear understanding of your customer’s satisfaction with your airline and services. You also need to be able to benchmark your performance against that of your competitors.

Unfortunately, capturing competitive insights effectively can be challenging because the data obtained is often unreliable, outdated, and expensive.

That’s why we developed PaxInsight

Designed especially for airlines by IATA, PaxInsight is a customizable survey solution offering a user-friendly, cost-effective way to capture, track, and benchmark customer experience from end to end.  


PaxInsight meticulously monitors and compares passenger satisfaction ratings across various airlines, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of your performance relative to your competitors. Gain valuable insights into how you stack up against other airlines in the industry.

PaxInsight gives you tangible customer insights to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize passenger journeys   
  • Drive higher ROI     
  • Gain a competitive edge 


Get the passenger data you need to optimize critical points of engagement and deliver stand-out service that’s true to your brand. Acting as a neutral third party, IATA designed and oversees PaxInsight to give you reliable, accurate, real-time passenger data, all in one place.

Key features and benefits

PaxInsight offers customer experience, insights, and marketing professionals the ability to clearly understand your passengers’ satisfaction along their journey and compare that with your competitors.   



Access the right level of competitive intel for your business. PaxInsight offers next-level granularity, allowing you to measure and benchmark performance by regional routes, airlines, and class.  

Best-in-class data  

Unlike panel data, PaxInsight provides verified air traveler feedback with an airline, class, and O&D pairs granularity level for deep passenger insight and exclusive access to industry comparables. Aiming for enhanced insight actionability, survey responses are collected 24 to 48h post-flight.   

Customization & cost efficiency  

PaxInsight offers customizable packages suited to your needs and budget.  You can also adapt the questionnaire to your brand requirements and choose from different benchmark options, including “all airlines,” “aggregated,” and “targeted airlines".

Holistic view across the travel journey 

From Booking, Check-In, and Lounge experience to flight comfort, arrival experience, and more, PaxInsight delivers data on 60+ travel attributes.  

Actionable reporting & visualizations  

With PaxInsight's intuitive digital interface and top-tier visualization, you get quick access to essential analytics and external data for benchmarking and reporting. It's available on-demand, ensuring you can access information anytime, anywhere


Reliable methodology

PaxInsight uses a trusted survey methodology with a representative sample by class and O&D pairs and is created based on monthly schedule data. PaxInsight also follows a neutral randomized sample selection process led by IATA.

Build winning customer experience strategies backed by reliable data.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, all passenger content, including the survey invite and questionnaire, can be accessed in Arabic, Chinese (Modern Simplified), English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Passenger simply select their preferred language(s) from the dropdown menu at the beginning of the survey.  

If you prefer an additional language option, please contact our product team.

 IATA PaxInsight provides global coverage and can offer different regional packages to match your airline’s specific operation. Regions include:  

  • Europe-Middle East-Asia 
  • Transatlantic North
  • Transatlantic South
  • Transpacific
  • Intra-Europe
  • Intra-America
  • Other regions are available on demand.


IATA defines a monthly sampling plan for each airline based on schedule data. For a given region, airline, and class: all O&D pairs are captured to be representative of the later sample.

For DDS direct subscribers, IATA is the neural entity selecting the sample passengers via their ticket Numbers based on the sampling plan criteria.

For non-DDS direct subscribers, an alternative methodology is currently being designed.  

Airlines must ensure that they transfer personal data to IATA in compliance with any data privacy laws for the purpose of the survey. In case of doubt, we strongly advise airlines to consult with their data privacy teams or external legal counsel.  

IATA PaxInsight provides a minimum read of 150 responses per airline, region, class, and month. For Premium Eco and First, the sample size must be evaluated based on individual airline seat capacity.