As an IATA-accredited travel agent, you receive monthly billing reports detailing your ticket transactions per airline, with passenger and route details, allowing the financial reconciliation of your accounts. Your daily operations may however require more detailed information, which is why we offer a range of optional commercial reports, to meet the different needs of your business.

Please note that the list below is not exhaustive. For more information, including pricing, as well as to test or order contact our customer service team via our Customer Portal.

Facilitate your revenue accounting, safeguard your data  

The Agent Billing HOT File gives you all the data needed to reconcile your actual sales with GDS data (ETSP Electronic Ticket Service Providers), and with billing outputs and remittance values. It also allows you to better manage productivity incentives and backend volume discounts by completing your dashboards with our datasets.

Delivered in a simplified unstructured format (ASC file), it can be loaded directly into your back-office system or converted into a different format compatible with your system. It provides you with the complete dataset relative to your sales transactions, with subtotals per transaction code, currency, airline and more.

You can choose to receive your files on a daily or periodical basis:

  • For individual travel agents –– Please refer to the IATA Data Interchange Specifications Handbook (DISH), chapter 6, for details of the file structure.
    Order the Agent HOT File via the IATA Customer Portal.  The file is available per billing frequency – FCAGBILLHOT and per daily frequency -  FCAGDLYHOT.
  • For travel agency groups –– The Agent HOT file for groups provides the same details but consolidates sales from all active branches of an agency group into a single file. Order via the IATA Customer Portal. The file is available per billing frequency – FCGRBILLHOT and per daily frequency -  FCGRDLYHOT.

Understand exactly how your business is performing

Agent Transaction Files build on each other to enable identifying the key business levers to your success, such as the airlines with whom you do the most business, the clients that are the most profitable, the proportion of supplementary to standard commission or how your clients pay you, so you can prepare performance dashboards to track and understand exactly how your business is performing.

Ideal for agents who prefer a simpler file format, these text files (ASCII) provide basic details of all transactions for your agent code and the current billing cycle and can be loaded into a spreadsheet or your back-office system, so you can sort and analyze the information as you require.

They include many data points such as the airline, the ticket class, date of issue, commissionable amount, and indicate refunds and exchanges, and list the documents pertaining to them. The level of detail varies according to the version you select.

  • Transaction file details (MIAGTXNDET) -– The simplest version of the transactional file provides two record levels: Ticket Details Record and Ticket Taxes breakdown Record. It comes with a transaction summary file (MIAGTXNSUM), split by airline code and currency.
  • Transaction file extended (MIAGTXNEXT) –– The EXTENDED version adds the Tax Record (breaks down all taxes, fees and penalties by type and amount, for each transaction), Payment Card Record, and Related Documents Record for Agency Debit or Credit Memos to the previous level of detail.
  • Transaction file max (MIAGTXNMAX) –– The MAXIMUM version adds details to the previous version, including routing details, total Credit Card amounts shown on the Details record, carrier, origin and destination airports, flight date and other details for up to 12 sectors or three tickets, within a given transaction.

Agent Transaction Files are also available for travel agent groups and consolidate sales from all active branches of an agency group. Order MIGRTXNDET, MIGRTXNEXT and MIGRTXNMAX.

Benchmark yourself against the market

The Agent Monthly Comparative Productivity report shows your sales performance compared to the previous year, as well as that of the BSP as a whole.

Delivered in pdf format, this report provides statistics by month, with quarterly totals, and variance versus previous periods. Values and counts are based on ticket ISSUES only (i.e., refunds and ADM/ACMs are excluded) and are for GROSS value.

Analyze your results by market

The Travel Agent Statistics by Destination report enables you to assess market trends by identifying the most and least popular destinations your customers choose.

Delivered as an Excel file, it provides agent statistics for all transactions based on sales by country / destination airport / airline, includes a monthly summary and a year-to-date cumulative summary.  Information is provided as well with a line summary of the Agent statistics by the following:

  • International and domestic ticket issues
  • MISC, Refunds, Debits and Credits



For more information on our reports for accredited travel agents, including pricing, or to test or order, please contact our customer service team via our Customer Portal.