Airline Payment: from Cards to Blockchain (classroom)



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About the course

3-day (24 hours) classroom course

IATA Airline Payment: from Cards to Blockchain aviation training course

Changing customer preferences and distribution channels, innovative technologies and regulations are impacting the world of payments. While security and the cost of card payments present challenges today, instant bank transfers, electronic wallets and other innovations such as Blockchain are expected to further shape the future of payments. They will enable the creation of new payment solutions and the evolution of existing ones. What does this mean for airlines and other players in the aviation industry, and how can they best prepare for these changes? In this course you will explore various payment methods, trends and opportunities for airlines. You will learn to compare options and recommended strategies for payment acceptance and management, taking into account market changes and customer needs, distribution channel optimization, cost, risk and cash flow.

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Course Code: TALF-87

Course format


  • Participants should have a university degree in finance, accounting, business administration or economics, and at least 2 years work experience in airline finance (not necessarily in the Finance department).
  • Recommended level is Intermediate.
  • The recommended level of language proficiency is ICAO Operational Level 4 for courses in English or the equivalent level for other languages.

How to register

In-house training

To arrange in-house training for your company, please complete the in-house training request form or contact the Training Specialist in your region.

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What you will learn

Upon completing this course you will be able to:

  • Apply strategies to improve acceptance, reduce cost and increase the security of card payments
  • Describe the implications of the latest payment trends and opportunities for the airline industry in light of new airline distribution models such as New Distribution Capability (NDC)
  • Recommend new payment methods based on cost, risk and benefits

Course content

The key topics that are covered during this course include:

  • Disruptions and Age of the Digital Customer
  • The payment card industry, players and trends
  • Card sales and transaction process
  • Implementing and improving payment acceptance policies and procedures
  • Reducing cost and increasing security of payments
  • Efficient fraud prevention strategy
  • Latest payment trends and opportunities for airlines
  • Cost, risk and benefits analysis of payment methods
  • Payment strategy for your airline

Who should attend

This course is recommended for Managers in:

  • Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Distribution

Certificate awarded

An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on all exercises and exams. A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher.

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