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Welcome to the Appointment Calendar (AppCal) Help pages, where we will guide you through the process of setting up your AppCal profile and making your appointments with other attendees at the Slot Conference. You can find instructions for the different steps in the navigation bar above.

Participants eligible to receive access to AppCal are limited to registered Head Airline Representative and Airline Representatives; Head Coordinator and Coordinators; Head Facilitator and Facilitators and 1 Exhibitor AppCal login per booth. If a registered delegate accredited as a support role requires AppCal access, their Head Delegate (HOD) must update their accreditation within the Online Accreditation System. Upon completion, each registered delegate will receive AppCal access within 48 hours (Mon-Fri).

Limited AppCal access will be granted to support roles and observers under a ‘Guest’ username. Access to AppCal will give the ‘Guest’ visibility of delegates attending the conference and their location during the conference only. Login information will be sent to delegates a few days prior to the conference. 


Appointment Calendar opening schedule


27 May 2020
Usernames & Passwords are emailed to all eligible registered delegates.  You are requested to update your profile and prepare your appointment strategy.  After this date, it takes up to 48 hours Mon - Fri for newly registered delegates to receive access to AppCal.
28 Oct 2020
2 Jun 2020
(10:00 UTC)
Coordinators Head start: Coordinators only can request appointments and write messages.
3 Nov 2020
(10:00 UTC)
8 Jun 2020
(10:00 UTC)
Airlines & Coordinators: can request appointments and write messages. Airlines and Coordinators can exchange SCR messages from the Message box.
9 Nov 2020
(10:00 UTC)
11 Jun 2020
(04:00 UTC)
Exhibitors, Airlines & Coordinators: can request appointments and write messages
12 Nov 2020
(04:00 UTC)
16 Jun 2020
(08:00 local time)
AppCal SWAP Message Boxes can be used by Airlines and Coordinators17 Nov 2020
(08:00 local time)
18 Jun 2020
(12:00 local time)
AppCal is closed for new meeting requests. Airlines and Coordinators can exchange SCR and SWAP Messages. SC participants can use the Message Boxes
20 Nov 2020
(12:00 local time)
18 Jun 2020
(18:00 local time)
AppCal Closed Message Boxes can no longer be used to write or reply to messages. AppCal Message Boxes can no longer be used to exchange SCR and SWAP messages 
20 Nov 2020
(18:00 local time)
 7 Jul 2020
(10:00 UTC)
All messages left in AppCal Message Boxes are deleted.
8 Dec 2020
(10:00 UTC)


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