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eLibrary Floating License

Multi-user ​access to IATA Standards

The Floating License (FL) solution is a great way to provide all your staff ​​with access to IATA standards electronically.

The number o​f floating licenses acquired equals the amount of “open sessions” of the application that can be accessed by users at the same time.​​

It is recommended that you consult your organization’s IT department to support installing this product.

Why a Floating License? Products Tech Specs FAQs

Now an IATA publication (for Windows®) is easily available to as many users within your organization as you want. With the IATA Floating License solution, licenses can be 'shared' across large numbers of end users located in geographically dispersed offic​es.

An ideal solution for organizations with many end​ users requiring irregular or infrequent access to an IATA publication, the Floating License solution gives you greater flexibility and cost effectiveness than before.​


Get flexible access

Make the application available to as many users within an organization as needed. Additional licenses can be easily added with minimal IT effort.

Easy to set up and administer

Setup of the Floating License solution can be completed quickly and easily. Once installed and configured, little or no further intervention is needed. End users or IT staff aren’t required to activate individual applications. Review usage over time to assist with budgeting for future needs.

Works on a wide range of IT infrastructures

A highly flexible solution, the Floating License is compatible with most organizations' distribution strategies. Unlike the single user license where an IATA application has to be installed and activated on each end user’s computer, the Floating License solution can be distributed as a virtual application, included in virtual desktops, hosted on a server or installed on Windows computers.

Save money

With licenses that can be shared by hundreds of individuals, the cost per end user can potentially be much lower than the single user alternative.​​​

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