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IATA Currency Clearance Service

Simplifying the business of airline treasury

ICCS is the global cash management service that enables airline Treasurers to centrally control and repatriate their world-wide sales funds.  It is currently used by over 320 airlines of varying sizes and had a throughput in 2014 of nearly $37.7 billion.

ICCS benefits

  • Centralized control of global funds repatriation
  • Advanced access to receivables information allowing for more effective cash planning
  • Reduced time spent on international banking activities resulting in manpower savings
  • Accelerated repatriation of foreign sales funds resulting in improved working capital management and reduced foreign exchange risk
  • Decreased currency conversion costs gained from optimal foreign exchange rates
  • Reduced banking fees and transfer charges

Find out how ICCS works

General Sales Agent (GSA) Sales
Learn more about how airlines can clear their foreign GSA sales (pdf) proceeds through the ICCS process.
Credit Card Sales
Learn more about how airlines can clear their foreign Credit Card Sales (pdf) proceeds through the ICCS process.

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