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iiNET - Electronic Data Exchange System

Accessible worldwide, iiNET is presently the most comprehensive, flexible and reliable electronic data exchange and data distribution service available to the industry.


  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure
  • Save time and reduce your costs by eliminating the need to use alternative media (i.e. email, cartridges and tapes) for large files and by doing away with custom-made IT solutions with multiple trading partners
  • Improve your information management
  • Reduce the man-hours required for forecasting
  • Maximize the ability of your business to secure relationships through electronic data solutions
  • Develop a cost-effective, B2B data distribution strategy


  • No file size, format or content limitation
  • Several interface options (both online and automated)
  • Platform-independent
  • Instantaneous access to critical revenue accounting data
  • Secure Web access within 48 hours with no initial set-up costs
  • Around-the-clock technical support

Target audience

  • Information Technology (IT) decision-makers, airline and industry partners/suppliers
  • Revenue accounting managers / decision-makers, airlines and industry partners/suppliers
  • Airline management (any department) looking to automate current manual processes

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