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Market Intelligence Services (MarketIS)

See the big picture in travel and tourism
The travel and tourism industry is constantly changing. To make the most of opportunities or to plan ahead, you need to be able to assess your risks with an accurate picture of what is happening now and the trends over time. MarketIS gives you a thorough view of worldwide air passenger traffic, essential to strategic analysis for any business connected to the broader travel and tourism industry.

Customized ad-hoc passenger traffic reports

Retailers, tourism boards, hotels, food chains, car rental companies, banks, travel agents, airline loyalty businesses, governments and more can now benefit from this data to make more informed decisions.



The number one source of global travel intelligence

Figures from MarketIS are derived from tickets issued and settled through IATA Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP). The data is then processed with complex internal algorithms and calibrated to reflect total estimate market sizes. Our BSP source is comprised of passenger tickets issued by more than:

  • 80,000 Travel Agents
  • 400 Airlines
  • 29 Global Distribution Systems (GDS)

Choose your report filtering options

  • Origin & Destination (O&Ds) and /or flight segments, both international and domestic
  • Average fares and service class detail
  • Country and Point of Sale (POS)
  • Point of Origin (POO)

Explore passenger flows to specific destinations, see which carriers and travel agencies dominate on specific routes or in particular regions, analyze average fares, route seasonality, year-over-year performance and more! 

Manage your risks and boost your business model

MarketIS is the most accurate and reliable solution to:

  • Identify new opportunities and sources of revenue
  • Analyze consumer behavior and develop sales strategies
  • Evaluate individual/ grouped airline performance(s) (market vs. capacity shares, etc.)
  • Keep an eye on the competition and monitor market share gaps
  • Make informed business and product development/expansion decisions 


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