Whether you work for an airline, airport, civil aviation authority, or industry supplier, the IATA Aviation Charges Intelligence Center (ACIC) is a sophisticated platform that delivers targeted calculations and insights on aviation charges to support your daily tasks and challenges.

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Making sense of aviation charges

Research, compare and validate aviation charges while saving countless hours and thousands in unnecessary costs!


The IATA Aviation Charges Intelligence Center (ACIC) is designed with smart features - all from a single source and fully customizable according to your needs! It provides you with a clear and accurate overview of thousands of fees, charges, levies and taxes.

    • 70+ airport charge types for some 900 airports
    • ATC charges for all countries
    • Jet fuel charges for 400+ airports
    • Updated daily
    • Advanced notice of changes


Sneak peek report (pdf) of the ACIC calculation and benchmark modules

Powerful tools at your fingertips

Calculations & Reporting
Generate and download detailed reports in various formats. ACIC sources accurate data and feeds it into a complex formula. Checking invoices with this output will make sure that you aren't being overcharged and could save your company thousands in unnecessary costs.

Investigate detailed scenarios for optimal charge solutions. The simulation component of ACIC performs a "what if" scenario. It allows the customer to calculate a multitude of scenarios by simply changing a few parameters at the click of a button.

Take advantage of our large database, saving time thanks to a user-friendly tool, to compare airport charges, ATC charges and taxes globally in graph or table formats. Select the parameters you wish to compare, the choice is exhaustive. Using this feature to analyze all sorts of scenarios will save your organization countless hours.

Data feed​
You no longer have to rely on time-consuming manual extraction of information to feed into your systems. Integrate ACIC seamlessly into your system to eliminate manual processes, reduce errors and improve efficiency.

Data Quality​
Through internal and external expertise, IATA is uniquely positioned to provide the most accurate charge information available. With real-time capabilities, outdated information is revised daily.

Save countless hours and thousands in unnecessary costs​


ACIC offers you a smarter way to validate aviation charges, establish optimal flight routes and negotiate charges.

  • Network Planning
    Research new route opportunities to offer your customers. Compare routes and airports with accurate data from a single source. Verify charges by aircraft type, arrival time, passenger load, and much more. Analyze a multitude of scenarios by simply changing parameters with a click of a button. Benchmark a comprehensive list of airports and countries in user-friendly tables and charts
  • Financial Department
    Challenge inaccurate invoices and save your company thousands in costs
  • Flight Operations
    Identify the most efficient routes that minimize overflight and other ATC charges
  • Ground Operations
    Negotiate aircraft cleaning, passenger boarding bridges, baggage handling and towing charges from a position of strength with the most current and accurate information available
  • Charter Airlines
    ACIC helps you perform ad hoc route and turnaround cost analysis for different destinations. Compare route options with just a few clicks


ACIC offers you the tools you need to comapre and analyze airport charges. ATC charges & taxes accurately and efficiently in a single source, whether in your region or worldwide.

  • Analyze how charges have developed over time and understand trends
  • Compare airport charges, ATC charges and taxes around the globe
  • Save time and effort with our dynamic tool


ACIC allows you to source data faster and more accurately--a single tool for feeding all the data you need on a daily or weekly basis.

  • Save time and money sourcing the data you need to feed your products and services
  • Improve the accuracy of your aeronautical fees data
  • Automatically feed your system with the most up-to-date and accurate information available from a single source

​​​Choose what's right for you

ACIC offers access to 3 modules:

  1. The ATC & Airport module is available as a Calculation & Reporting information package, or Benchmarking, Calculation & Reporting information package

  2. The Fuel module is available as a Calculation and Reporting package

  3. The Data feed​ is independently available as XML file or XML API Web Service

You can purchase the ATC & Airport module and the Fuel module in either 5, 3 or 1 regions: Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific (including North Asia), Europe and the Middle East.

Data Type Package Region(s) Annual Fee (USD)
​ATC & Airport ​Calculation & Reporting - Data Feed** ​5 regions CONTACT US
​​ATC & Airport ​Calculation & Reporting - Industry Provider ​5 regions CONTACT US
​​ATC & Airport ​Calculation, Reporting & Benchmarking ​5 regions $4,223
​​ATC & Airport ​​Calculation, Reporting & Benchmarking ​3 regions* ​$3,310
​​ATC & Airport ​​Calculation, Reporting & Benchmarking ​1 region* ​$2,517
ATC & Airport ​Calculation & Reporting ​5 regions ​$1,563
​ATC & Airport ​Calculation & Reporting ​3 regions* ​$1,225
ATC & Airport ​Calculation & Reporting ​1 region* $929
​Fuel ​Calculation & Reporting ​5 regions ​$782
Fuel ​Calculation & Reporting ​3 regions* ​$591
​Fuel ​Calculation & Reporting ​1 region* ​$465

*You can select the regions of your choice.
**XML data feed allows to integrate ACIC seamlessly into your system.


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