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The Cargo Advisory Council advises the Board of Governors, the Director General and other relevant IATA bodies on all air cargo industry issues, particularly the following:

  • Cargo Security and Safety
  • Cargo technology and automation
  • Cargo handling
  • Cargo Distribution/CASS
  • Cargo-related regulatory development
  • Cargo trade facilitation
  • Cargo ground operations
  • Agent and carrier relations


The Cargo Advsiory Council meets every six months to consider issues submitted by Member Airlines. The agenda is limited to issues of significant importance to the airline industry and where there is potential to take action; information only items and activity reporting are kept to a minimum. A summary report of each meeting is sent to all attendees. Decisions are acted upon by the Secretariat.


The Cargo Advisory Council comprises 16 members elected from Head of Cargo operations of IATA Member airlines. All members of the Committee are proposed by nomination from the membership at large. The Board of Governors proposes the membership to the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Heads of Cargo who are not members of the committee are able to attend as observers by prior arrangement.

The current Chairman of the Cargo Advisory Council is Michael Steen (Atlas Air) .


Subject to oversight by and direction from the Board and the Director General, the Cargo Advisory Council identifies and assesses key policy issues, and develops policies/positions/action plans to resolve such issues; in like manner, it establishes issue priorities and provides policy guidance to other IATA groups including the Cargo Conferences.

In carrying out its functions, the Cargo Advisory Council gives priority to issues which are cargo related, and which have at least two out of the following three dimensions:

  • Aeropolitical
  • Industry cooperation
  • Industry competition

In addition, it addresses issues which are of significant importance to the airline industry, and where there is a potential to take action.


  • Secretary
    Lucy Exell
    Manager, Cargo Industry Programs