The Passenger Standards Conference (PSC) Steering Group consists of the Chair and Vice Chair(s) of each Management Board, together with the Chair and Vice Chair(s) of the Conference. The Steering Group steers the activites of the Conference across the year, and manages the standard setting activites across all domains, ensuring each Management Board is acting within its scope as described in Resolution 009.

Groups under the PSC SG

  • Interline Working Group
  • Intermodal Group (sub-working group of the Interline Working Group)

The Interline Working Group

  • Deals with matters concerning the interline system and 3rd party transportation operator agreements and ensure the integrity end-to-end.
  • Explores changes in PSC standards required for airlines to provide 3rd party transportation operator services with Offers and Orders only, using Supplier Retailer Interline Agreement.
  • Develops business requirements and proposals to amend PSC standards accordingly and liaise, via the PSC Steering Group, with process owning groups to implement identified changes.
  • Develops and maintains the integrity of Retailer Supplier Implementation Guide.
  • Develops and reviews proposals to amend:
    • Resolution 780
    • Resolution 780b, c, d, e
    • Resolution 788
    • Recommended Practice 1780a, 1780b, 1780e, 1780f, 1780s,1788
  • Liaise with other IATA industry governance groups as required.
  • Maintain a work plan and report regularly to the PSC SG


To view and/or participate in the activities under the Interline Group, please access the SSW site. If you are not the part of IATA SSW environment, please register using this Guide (pdf), which describes the registration process step-by-step. Please note that participation is open to IATA Members and Strategic Partners.


Membership of the PSC Steering Group (PSC SG)

The following representatives serve on the Passenger Standards Conference Steering Group:


Deutsche Lufthansa Nobu Yamanouchi   PSC Steering Group Chair
United Airlines  James Sumers PSC Steering Group Vice-Chair
 Delta Air Lines Glen Bell Plan Standards Board (PSB) Chair
 British Airways Sander van Noorloos Plan Standards Board (PSB) Vice-Chair
 Air Canada Rania Chehade Shop-Order-Pay Standards Board (SOPSB) Chair
 American Airlines Shawn Zeak Shop-Order-Pay Standards Board (SOPSB) Vice-Chair
Qantas Nathan Smeulders Shop-Order-Pay Standards Board (SOPSB) Vice-Chair
United Airlines David Kendell Travel Standards Board (TSB) Chair
Croatia Airlines Adrijana Trinajstic Travel Standards Board (TSB) Vice-Chair
Emirates Rami El Samra ​Travel Standards Board (TSB) Vice-Chair
SWISS International Air Lines Myriam Burget ​Settlement and Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Chair
Air France Jerome Boyer ​Settlement and Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Chair
Air France Michele Walter ​Architecture and Technology Strategy Board (SASB) Chair
Emirates Najmi Mansoor ​Architecture and Technology Strategy Board (SASB) Vice-Chair
​IATA Secretary ​Marie Masserey Head Passenger Standards

The Intermodal Group

Th Intermodal Group is a dedicated sub-working group of the Interline Working Group. It operates jointly with International Union of Railways (UIC).  

The group identifies business requirements leading to enhancements of IATA and UIC standards to facilitate intermodal travel. It also develops and maintains mapping between IATA and UIC standards. It also develops and maintains mapping between IATA and UIC standards. 

For more information about IATA and UIC collaboration about  IATA - Strengthening Cooperation on Standards for Intermodal Travel

To view and/or participate in the activities under the Intermodal Group, please access the SSW Intermodal Group.