Strategic Partners can take part in the IT Leaders Community Area of Involvement, where IATA brings together IT experts to advise Airline Senior IT professionals on technology best practices, to support airlines in the implementation of their business strategies and enable innovation based on the best use of technology.

IT Leaders Community Strategic Partnerships Summary

The IT Leaders sphere is set to enable airline's CIOs to benefit from a deeper understanding of technical challenges and impact on the airline goals and plans whilst having a fast track from vendors on best in-class technology. Furthermore, executives from key vendor organizations will develop a deeper awareness of the key and immediate needs of the aviation industry and be better positioned to align their products and services to accommodate those needs.


  • Deeper understanding of technical challengers and impact on airlines’ goals and plans
  • Develop a supplementary awareness of the key and immediate needs of the aviation industry
  • Better positioned to align products and services to accommodate indutry’s needs
  • Opportunity to enhance offering and support to airlines and technology companies
  • Advanced persistent threats


  • Invitations to attend IATA IT Leaders Community meetings (twice per year)
  • Share IT best practices in all areas of airline IT interest
  • Discuss IT security strategies and share airlines initiatives such as PCI-DSS, Identity management

Focus Areas

  • Digital Identity: From legacy codes to a secure, unified digital identity platform in distribution allowing
    all parties to share confidential data and to discover and access industry APIs
  • Advanced Analytics: How to collect and harness different data sets across multiple business silos into
    one place and put industry data to work to enable faster and smarter decision making
  • Cybersecurity: Main initiatives to move to practical implementation of Zero Trust Security
  • Sustainable IT: What evaluation system can help organizations to independently assess and improve
    the environmental management of their IT operations

Designed for

  • Airline / Airport Senior IT Leaders
  • Airline / Airport Heads of Digital
  • Aviation IT providers/vendors
  • BI Service providers to airlines
  • Cloud Computing solution providers/professionals
  • Digital Communications system providers/professionals
  • Infrastructure service providers/professionals
  • IT Infrastructure professionals
  • IT Operations professionals
  • IT Security service providers/professionals

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).


Strategic Partnerships Program