Strategic Partners involved in the Sustainability Area of Involvement can access bespoke industry insights and connect with airlines on net zero carbon, CO2 emissions calculations, ESG reporting, cabin waste and other topics relevant to the journey towards more sustainable air transport.

Sustainability Strategic Partnerships Summary

The IATA Sustainability & Economics Division provides IATA members with the sustainability and economic analyses and tools that allow them to meet present and future needs, assess themselves against the overall industry's performance, and supports their advocacy. Strategic Partners will have the opportunity to interact with airline sustainability practitioners during in-person and virtual events. They can also join a digital knowledge (expert community) center open exclusively to IATA members and partners, providing them with access to a wealth of insights developed and curated by the IATA Sustainability and Economics Division.


  • Access and sponsorship opportunities on the IATA Sustainability Knowledge Center - an invitation-only digital platform gathering members from over 170 airlines as well as IATA Strategic Partners
  • Access to at least 6 sustainability webinars and analysis from IATA Subject Matter Experts and external experts

Focus Areas

Airlines' action on climate change

  • Technology
  • Operations & infrastructure
  • Market-based measures
  • Carbon markets
  • Voluntary carbon offsetting
  • Emissions reporting
  • Fuel efficiency benchmarking & analytics
  • CORSIA compliance

Broader airlines’ sustainability portfolio

  • Environment management systems
  • Cabin waste management
  • Single-use plastics
  • Sustainable finance
  • ESG Reporting
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Wildlife trafficking

Environment engagement & collaboration

  • Perception trends
  • Advocacy positions
  • Industry communication aiming at improving the level of knowledge about aviation environmental action
  • Climate change policy and aviation

Designed for

  • Energy suppliers (fuel, electricity, hydrogen, other)
  • Environment and clean energy consulting companies
  • SAF producers, feedstock traders and suppliers
  • Sustainable Finance & Investment Companies
  • Independent verification and audit companies
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Sustainable inflight product suppliers
  • Carbon market participants
  • Travel agents

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).