Head Office Address:
IATA Regional Office for the Americas
703 Waterford Way (NW 62nd Avenue), Suite 600
Miami, FL 33126

In addition to our regional head office in Miami, IATA will continue to be represented by our dedicated local country/area offices:

Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Central America (Panama)
Bolivia (La Paz)
Brazil (Sao Paulo)
Canada (Montreal)
Caribbean (Miami)
Chile (Santiago)
Colombia (Bogota)
Mexico (Mexico City)
Peru (Lima)
USA (Washington D.C. and Miami)

Customer Service

Products & Services Inquiries

Capitalizing on IATA's global view and strategic role in the aviation industry, IATA provides a wide range of publications and services to the industry. This activity enables IATA to continue to support its members.

IATA in Miami also houses the regional IATA Training center, a leading provider of global aviation training solutions and professional development programs for the entire aviation value chain.

For any commercial requests relating to products and services, please contact us at MACSAmericas@iata.org.

Other Inquiries

For other questions, you can contact us at these numbers:

Phone : +1 305 264 7772
Fax : +1 305 264 8088