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Need Help?

IATA’s Tactical Operations Portal (ITOP) is a web platform utilized by the IATA Liaisons based at the US FAA Command Center. ITOP (IATA Tactical Operations Portal) platform provides airlines worldwide the ability to minimize same-day air traffic constraints in the highly complex and disruption prone Airspace within the America’s Region.

Users may access critical information about the America’s airspace and airport operations, and receive expert traffic support and updates, all on a live, collaborative, and cloud delivered portal.

An extension of airlines' operations center

Airlines now have access to critical information regarding air traffic daily plans along with the ability to communicate directly with the IATA liaison, using the chat feature. Participants can receive real-time email alerts when disruptions within the system arise.

Join ITOP now

All member airlines operating flights within, from or to the US can have access to ITOP. The service is free of charge.
To get access to ITOP or for more information, please contact any of our IATA liaisons at