Air transport is a key enabler of economic activity in Spain.

It supports 1.7 million jobs and EUR 102.4 billion of gross value to GDP, which accounts for 9.2% of Spanish GDP (World Bank 2016).​

​Main Industry Priorities

  • Aviation Strategy
  • Airspace Modernization
  • Airports capacity
  • Airports charges and fees
  • Digitalization
  • Intermodality (lack of connections of Madrid and Barcelona airports with high-speed trains)

Other Key Priorities

  • Avoid introduction of an Aviation Tax
  • Stress the importance of aviation for the growth of society for politicians and general public

Policy Recommendations

  • Implement a National Airspace Strategy to increase the capacity and improve the efficiency of Spanish airspace.
  • Ensure sufficient and efficient capacity in the right place, controlling high airport charges and fees, supported by an improved legislative framework.
  • Develop intermodality, including connecting Madrid and Barcelona to the national high-speed rail network.
  • Develop and foster the air cargo business.


Read the full report for Spain (pdf)