The 63rd IATA Annual General Meeting was held in Vancouver from 3-5 June 2007.

The context

While profit margins are low by any standard, in 2007 the global airline industry should record a positive financial result for the first time this decade. Strong demand, tough restructuring and the results of relentless efficiency improvements have driven progress, despite the new world of higher oil prices.

As we close in on our deadlines for E-Ticketing and progress accelerates on other projects to Simplify the Business, your association has shown that it can drive critical change across the industry. At the same time, the first deadlines for adopting the safety standards of IOSA have clearly shown the overwhelming commitment of IATA members to our industry’s number one priority.

New issues are increasingly challenging our business however. Climate change is the focus of public concern in many parts of the world and air transport is in the spotlight. Our industry remains exposed to new terrorism threats, yet uncoordinated and process-driven security measures increasingly leave our customers frustrated.



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