Destination Marketing Forum 2024

Aarhus, Denmark
25 April
Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel

Join us on April 25th, immediately following Routes Europe, for the IATA Destination Marketing Forum. This exclusive event brings together Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Tourism Boards and Airports for an insightful exploration of best practices in destination marketing and collaborative strategies.

Key discussion topics:

  1. Airport-DMO Collaboration: Success Stories and Lessons Learned
  2. Effective Destination Management: Insights and Strategies
  3. Travel Intelligence: Utilizing Data for Strategic Decision-Making


Don't miss this unique and complimentary opportunity to enhance your destination marketing strategies, broaden your network, and stay at the forefront of industry trends—all at no cost.

Event Highlights:

Airport collaboration insights

Gain valuable perspectives as an airport shares their experiences and successful collaborations with DMOs, offering unique insights into effective partnerships that drive destination growth.  

Leading practices and commercial strategies

Engage with a distinguished destination marketing expert who will delve into Leading Practices and Commercial Strategies for Effective Destination Management. Explore innovative approaches to position your destination strategically in the global market.  

Harnessing travel intelligence

Uncover the power of travel intelligence in shaping and enhancing your marketing strategies. Learn how to leverage data to understand source markets, conduct accurate forecasts, and evaluate performance against competitors.  

Networking opportunities

Connect with industry peers, share experiences, and foster valuable relationships during dedicated networking sessions. Enjoy a delectable lunch and refreshments in a conducive environment for collaborative discussions. 

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) serves as the global advocate for the airline industry, unifying over 320 member airlines to promote a sustainable and interconnected air transport network. At the heart of IATA's mission lies the belief that air travel fosters not just mobility but also economic development and community prosperity.

By enhancing air connectivity, IATA contributes significantly to the growth of local economies and the well-being of communities. This shared commitment aligns seamlessly with the objectives of Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), as both entities recognize the transformative impact of travel on societies. Through collaborative efforts, IATA and DMOs strive to harness the positive influence of travel, creating opportunities for economic empowerment, cultural exchange, and overall community development.

Please note that the registration process for this event is now closed.

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