Kuala Lumpur - The International Air Transport Association (IATA) announced that the Secure Freight program has gained further recognition from governments around the world.

  • IATA and the Malaysia Civil Aviation Authority signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on expanding the Secure Freight pilot scheme, which began in 2010.
  • The UK Department of Transport (DfT) has agreed to endorse the Secure Freight principles, which paves the way for further recognition of Secure Freight principles and IATA’s efforts to build supply chain security capacity across the world. The first authority to officially endorse Secure Freight principles was the Australian Office of Transport Security (AU OTS), last summer.
  • Five governments have agreed to be co-signing authorities on IATA’s Information Paper on Secure Freight, which will be presented at ICAO's AVSEC Panel, March 26-30. The countries co-signing the document include the CAA's from Malaysia, Kenya, Mexico, UAE and Chile. This represents a major step forward in building shared global standards for cargo supply chain security programs.

The Secure Freight program works across the whole air cargo supply chain, helping to secure shipments upstream by ensuring that cargo has come from either a known consignor or regulated agent. Secure Freight evaluates the strength of a nation’s aviation security infrastructure and works with the civil aviation authorities to ensure that cargo is kept sterile until it is loaded. Not only does this ensure greater security, it also helps prevent bottlenecks at airports.

“IATA is working with countries to build the capability for Secure Freight implementation, including the launching of pilot programs. The development of a consistent set of standards should facilitate the mutual recognition of secure freight programs. The UK DFT is an important indication of success so far and should encourage more governments to implement this global standard supply chain solution,” said Des Vertannes, IATA’s Global Head of Cargo.

The MOU was signed on the opening morning of the World Cargo Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 13-15 March. Nearly 1000 cargo professionals have gathered to agree new solutions to deliver enhanced safety, security, quality and efficiency to the air freight sector.

“Since it launched the first IATA Secure Freight pilot initiative, Malaysia has been at the forefront of aviation cargo security, and this MOU commits us to work together for full implementation. Secure Freight offers the prospect of enhanced security and greater efficiency in the air cargo system, which should be of great benefit to the Malaysian economy,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO.

Commenting on the MOU, Mr YB Dato Seri’ Kong Cho Ha, Minister of Transport, said “I am pleased that Malaysia is the pilot country for the Secure Freight program. The result of this close collaboration will benefit many industry players as it will reduce the complexities and costs of air cargo security, as well as ensuring that the supply chain stakeholders are working towards the same direction.”

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