​The IATA Environmental Assessment (IEnvA) program is an evaluation system designed to independently assess and improve the environmental management of an airline.

IEnvA is a voluntary program based on principles in compliance with environmental obligations and a commitment to continually improve environmental management.

Managing Environmental Sustainability

No longer can environmental adaptation and impacts be seen and managed as external risks. To be effective, environmental sustainability management must be part of day to day operations and decision-making.

IEnvA provides airlines, aircraft maintenance services, on-board catering services and ground handlers definitive guidance, aligned with internationally accepted management standards to effectively address the most significant environmental sustainability matters that face the aviation industry today.

IEnvA implementation and registration are achievable for all airlines, regardless of environmental management capacity and experience.

Getting Started

  • Contact IATA to enter into an IEnvA Agreement

    IEnvA is a subscription-based program that includes key training, assistance, and external assessment services for the IEnvA Member airline to implement and improve environmental management practices. The subscription includes external assessments that are carried out by accredited independent IEnvA Assessment Organizations.

  • Plan kick-off meetings and gap workshops

    The airline communicates its objectives and, in consultation with the IEnvA Team, establishes dates for key meetings and timelines. Workshops are conducted to establish an airline’s readiness for external assessment and to identify potential solutions to comply with IEnvA Standards.

  • Internal Assessment

    The airline conducts an IEnvA Assessment once it is satisfied that it complies with all IEnvA Standards.

  • Initial External Assessment

    The airline completes an IEnvA External Assessment application to IATA. An IEnvA External Assessment is conducted by an independent IEnvA Assessment Organization that is assigned by IATA.

  • IEnvA Registration

    After successful completion of the airline’s external assessment, the airline is registered on the IEnvA Registry for a period of two years.

  • Continual Improvement

    The airline carries out its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures established during initial IEnvA implementation, improving both procedures and resulting performance as necessary. The airline may also use this time to increase its initial IEnvA Scope or incorporate additional IEnvA Modules.

  • Ongoing External Assessments and Improvement

    IEnvA External Assessments are carried out every 24 months against all IEnvA Standards across the airline’s defined IEnvA Scope. Airlines are required to demonstrate continual environmental improvements within their unique context.

IEnvA Stage 1

An intermediate step to achieving IEnvA Stage 2 registration. IEnvA Stage 1 registration is provided on application only and under limited circumstances.

IEnvA Stage 2 Registration is achieved through successfully completing an IEnvA External Assessment against Stage 1 Standards in the IESM across all areas of the airline’s IEnvA Scope. 


IEnvA Stage 2

A fully-fledged Environmental Management System in line with international environmental management standards.

IEnvA Stage 2 Registration is achieved through successfully completing an IEnvA External Assessment against all the Standards provided in the IESM across all areas of the airline’s defined IEnvA Scope.


IEnvA IWT Assessment

An optional module in the IEnvA Program that allows IEnvA Operators to demonstrate their compliance with the Buckingham Palace Declaration on Illegal Wildlife Trade.

IEnvA IWT Registration is achieved through successfully completing an IEnvA External Assessment which included the Standards provided in the IEnvA IWT Assessment.


IEnvA Registered Assessment Organization

IEnvA Assessments are carried out by specialized organizations that understand the complexities of the aviation industry and keep extremely high levels of quality consistency and professionalism.

IEnvA Training Courses

IATA provides training courses for its IEnvA member airlines and IEnvA assessors. For some roles defined by IEnvA Operators, EAOs and IEnvA Standards, these courses may be a minimum requirement.

  • IEnvA Assessor Training

    This course is designed to build airline-internal capacity and to train IEnvA External Assessors on the requirements of conducting IEnvA Internal and External Assessments. This course will also be suitable for roles that require an in-depth understanding of IEnvA. Successful completion of this course is required for persons that will be conducting IEnvA Internal Assessments.

  • IEnvA Implementation Course

    This course is designed to build airline-internal capacity to develop an IEnvA environmental management system and to improve existing IEnvA environmental management systems.

  • General Awareness Training

    This course is designed to build general environment management capacity and awareness for airline staff.

  • Airline-specific Training and Workshops

    These are Operator-specific capacity building workshops that will be tailored to the needs of an airline. Operators can contact IATA to arrange online or on-site workshops as required.

IEnvA Resources

IATA maintains a continually evolving repository of example policies, processes, procedures, tools and templates as guidance for IEnvA member airlines to initially develop and improve their airline’s environmental management and performance.

IEnvA External Assessment

IEnvA Registered airlines are required to undergo independent external assessment against IEnvA Standards. IEnvA External Assessments are completed every 24 months.

Documentation for IEnvA Airlines

IEnvA Registry​

The IEnvA Registry is a list of airlines that have successfully completed an independent IEnvA assessment (Stage 1 / Stage 2).

See the current list of IEnvA registered airlines.

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