Digital Aircraft Operations is an IATA initiative, that supports airlines in identifying areas and implementing solutions for more efficient Technical Operations.

These operations include aircraft maintenance activities, parts supply chain and logistics, as well as the transfer of aircraft assets. ​

Digital Aircraft Operations vision and mission

Taking-off into the second hundred years of commercial flight, airlines must embrace the digital operation standards of an ever increasing fleet performance delivered by e-enabled and "connected" aircraft. The vision is to explore efficiencies and provide implementation guidelines to airlines in the area of technical operations.

With innovative technologies and improved processes, the aircraft should be able to “talk” to the operator about its history, airworthiness, technical condition and costs. Proficiency in this e-enabled language is the essential competitive advantage in building the airlines’ future.

Digital Aircraft Operations implementation

The series of airline technical operations’ benefits brought by the transition to digital operations were assessed both in terms of their potential impact and their immediacy. This generated a series of priority projects which IATA initiated or actively embarked on in the fields listed below (please note: the listing order is not intended to suggest any priority ranking of the areas included):

  • Auto-ID / RFID aircraft parts tracking
  • Digital signature and electronic maintenance record keeping
  • Aircraft Health Monitoring
  • Scheduled Maintenance Data Standard (SMDS) in S1000D
  • Promoting Spec 2000 XML standards for aircraft configuration, electronic maintenance records, RFID, etc
  • Aircaft e-enablement, connectivity, avionics software reliability and eTechLog

Initiative reports to Engineering and Maintenance Group within Safety, Flight and Ground Operations Advisory Council of IATA.

IATA Paperless Aircraft Operations Conference - 2018

Conference Program (pdf)

Speakers' BIOs (pdf)

Day 1

Day 2

IATA Digital Aircraft Operations Conference is an annual event featuring use cases, ideas, adressing critical issues in the area of aircraft maintenance.  This conference is initiated as the natural forum of convening the aviation community interested in the Digital Operation (r)evolution.  

The first event hosted in November 2014, by Airbus, in Toulouse was followed by  annual editions, sponsored and co-sponsored by Boeing, Delta Air Lines, Air Canada, Cranfield University and other leading industry players. The event attracts some 100-120 attendees, the prevalent majority of them being airline representatives, complemented by airframe and assembly OEMs, Airworhtiness Authorities, vendors and enterpreneurs.

The generally established format of the conference is entailing a three day agenda with the first two days entirely dedicated to subject salient presentations from airlines, OEMs, and selected regulators, MROs, solution providers and parts suppliers, all concluding in Q&A sessions with audience involvement. The third day follows with a hands-on direct contact at the host facilities with some implementation cases/solutions championed by the hosting organization.

Please visit this page or IATA Events page for updates on 2020 edition of this Conference.