Safe, secure and on-time ground handling turnarounds are a priority for airlines and a critical deliverable for Ground Handling Service Providers. Standardization of ground handling procedures is particularly critical in these times of staff shortage. 

Global standards are the foundation for safe operations. IATA drives ongoing development of the ground handling best practices, standards, and procedures: the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM), Airport Handling Manual (AHM), Passenger Services Conference Resolution Manual (PSCRM) and Baggage Reference Manual (BRM)

Key benefits of global standardization

  • Enhanced safety performance
  • Reduction of ground handling complexity and operators’ variations
  • Better quality of training and increase of personnel competency
  • Operational efficiency
  • Simplified oversight
  • Cost reduction

Your Input matters AHM & IGOM Change Request

IATA Ground Operations XML Messaging Toolkit (GOXML Toolkit)

The Ground Operation XML Messaging toolkit (GOXML) is accessible to all AHM customers in the IATA e-pub library, driving development of digital messages, supporting aviation stakeholders in moving towards digitalization of ground operations.
There are four documents available for download: the AHM 565 XML Editor, the X565 Editor User Guide, the X565 Aircraft semipermanent data exchange implementation guidelines, and the schema itself.

Please share your company name and email address so we can notify you of any future updates available for download.