The Aircraft Leasing Technical Group (ALTG) develops cost-effective policies, standards, and recommendations relating to the aircraft leasing lifecycle, from delivery/redelivery conditions to aircraft parts replacement and back-to-birth records.

IATA's Aircraft Leasing Technical Group (ALTG) assists in all matters relating to aircraft leasing, make recommendations related thereto, and indicate how its recommendations may be implemented.

ALTG also co-operates and co-ordinates activities with other relevant entities (e.g. ISTAT), airline regional associations and other international bodies as necessary to achieve IATA goals and objectives.


Membership to the ALTG is open to Member Airlines, Strategic Partners and any other specialists who are approved by the Chairman and the Secretary. The membership of the advisory group should reflect, as far as practicable, a good geographic representation.


Aircraft Leasing

The 4th edition of Guidance Material and Best Practices for Aircraft Leases (pdf) is now available! It provides information about all aspects related to aircraft leases with focus on the technical perspective. The manual covers the entire aircraft leasing cycle, from common misunderstandings, legal considerations and insurance to lease-related processes and areas of attention at delivery and redelivery of an aircraft.

LLP Traceability

IATA’s Guidance Material and Best Practices for LLPs Traceability (pdf) covers all topics that play a role in back-to-birth traceability of aircraft life-limited parts (LLPs). The document is primarily for a technical audience (engineers working at the airline technical/engineering departments as well as technical representatives from leasing companies, parts providers & distributors). Whilst the document explores some key challenges facing the industry with regards to capturing data/information and gathering support documentation to enable tracking of LLPs, it provides a methodology

Incident Clearance Statement


The purpose of the incident clearance statement (ICS) is to remove the focus from whether or not an aircraft/engine/part has been subjected to an accident or incident and instead declare that the aircraft/engine/part has been deemed acceptable for continued use.
Two document templates have been designed, one to cater for aircraft, the other for engines. These documents are intended to act as an industry acceptable common standard having relevance for the requirements of the commercial aviation industry.

Webinar Series: Used Serviceable Material (USM) - LLP Traceability Implementation

Used Serviceable Material (USM) is expected to provide low cost alternatives to aircraft parts. With the input from various industry stakeholders, IATA introduced a Guidance Material for the Traceability of Life Limited Parts (pdf). This webinar presents the most important aspects of the Guidance Material and the challenges in the implementation of LLP traceability.

Topics included:

  • IATA’s vision on Traceability; implementation timescale 
  • Regulatory and commercial aspects
  • Main parameters (elements) to be traced 
  • Support documentation Implementation 
  • Specific cases


Episode 1

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