IATA considers design, certification and airworthiness issues and promotes optimal means of improving safety, reliability, cost and efficiency in airline technical operations (aircraft maintenance and engineering, MRO). We establish guidelines on industry best practices, the standardization of data transfers and technology and assist ICAO and authorities in harmonizing airworthiness and aircraft transfer regulations.

The IATA Technical Operations Working Group (TOWG) gives airlines a voice on aircraft technical matters. It assists and supports the IATA Safety, Flight and Ground Operations Advisory Council (SFGOAC) in all matters relating to optimizing engineering and maintenance measures to improve safety, reliability, costs and efficiency.

Technical Operations Working Group (TOWG)

The Technical Operations Working Group (TOWG) develops policies, standards and recommendations for consideration by the SFGOAC in all aspects of safe and efficient aircraft engineering and maintenance activities, airworthiness and reliability issues, aircraft recovery, aircraft performance, and avionics. Additionally, it develops and promotes related IATA positions to ICAO, regulatory, industry and other relevant organizations.

Related Activities

Maintenance Cost

IATA's Maintenance Cost Technical Group​ (MCTG) is a volunteer work group dedicated to supporting Technical Operations (Maintenance & Engineering) in an environment where costs are ever increasing.

Aircraft Leasing ​

IATA's Aircraft Leasing Technical Group (ALTG) was created under the Maintenance Cost Technical Group (MCTG) to assist in all matters relating to aircraft leasing, make recommendations related thereto, and indicate how its recommendations may be implemented.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Management

IATA's Operational Efficiency and Cost Management (OECM) group aims to help airlines identify and develop cost-efficient solutions, improve their overall operational cost structure, and maintain or improve service performance levels.

Airline Cost Management

IATA's Airline Cost Management Group (ACMG) aims to develop an airline community focused on airline cost understanding &definitions, financial analysis, and benchmark information.

Digital Aircraft Operations​​

IATA’s Digital Aircraft Operations (DAO) is an IATA initiative to support the airlines in identifying areas and solutions for a more efficient aircraft operation in all aspects that involve technical operations.

Aircraft Recovery

The Aircraft Recovery Forum (ARF) exchanges information and takes appropriate action on the recovery of disabled aircraft. This task is especially important with the increasing size of the airline fleets and the growing congestion at the world's airports. Since every disabled aircraft incident is unique in some aspects, the sharing of experience to improve aircraft recovery techniques is essential.

Aircraft Decommissioning 

Aircraft decommissioning has economic, operational, regulatory, safety and environment implications. If undertaken in a timely and appropriate manner, it can allow recovery of a good residual value from re-used parts and recycled material, whilst minimizing environmental and safety risks.
Most airlines and other aircraft owners (e.g. lessors) have limited experience in managing aircraft decommissioning as a controlled process. IATA has developed guidance on managing aircraft decommissioning in a safe, economic, and sustainable way whilst meeting all relevant regulations.

MRO SmartHub

Plan MRO, procure, sell and valuate aircraft surplus parts optimally. MRO SmartHub provides price reference, parts availability and supplier connections.