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IATA's Technical Operations Working Group (TOWG) tackles all matters relating to optimizing engineering and maintenance measures to improve safety, reliability, costs and efficiency.


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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

Learn more about Structural Health Monitoring and find out how Delta TechOps works with industry stakeholders to use technology and innovate in aircraft maintenance.

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Cooperative Approach to Solve Challenges in OEM Engineering Data Access for Aircraft Modification

Key topics of discussion included:

  • Opportunities to work closely with OEMs
  • STC development

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Technical Operations Webinar Series: Preparing for Return to Service

  • Regulatory issues
  • Continuing airworthiness
  • Maintenance-related issues for parked and stored aircraft
  • How to bring these aircraft back to service
  • Transporting cargo in the passenger cabin

Episode 1: Watch the recording - Download the presentation (pdf)

Episode 2: Watch the recording - Download the presentation (pdf)

The Technical Operations Working Group (TOWG) develops policies, standards and recommendations. TOWG is involved in all aspects of aircraft engineering & maintenance:

  • Airframe and component reliability
  • Airworthiness and regulatory issues
  • E&M requirements for the standardization of applicable new technology developments
  •  Relevant human factors aspects and training

TOWG composition and meetings

Participation as a voting member to the TOWG is restricted to IATA member airlines only. The number of voting members is limited to 15. Additional representatives from IATA member airlines, non-IATA member airlines, Strategic Partners and industry stakeholders can attend and participate in the meetings as observers. Meetings are normally held twice a year.