Airlines that successfully undergo an IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) are placed on the ISSA Registry for a period of 24 months. See the ISSA Audit scope and eligibility and the audit organizations accredited to conduct ISSA audits.

List of airlines currently on the ISSA registry:

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8 ISSA registered airlines found

Airline name Region Country / Territory Registration Expiry ICAO Code IATA Code
ASTA Linhas Aéreas The Americas Brazil 25 September 2021 SUL
ATA- Aerotáxi Abaete LTDA The Americas Brazil 21 October 2022 ABJ
Azul Conecta The Americas Brazil 28 May 2023 OWT 2F
Coastal Travels Limited Africa & Middle East Tanzania, United Republic of 5 March 2023 CSV CQ
RIMA Rio Madeira Aerotaxi The Americas Brazil 28 July 2023 RIM
SANSA, Servicios Aéreos Nacionales S.A. The Americas Costa Rica 6 December 2021 LRS RZ
Transportes Aéreos Guatemaltecos, S.A. The Americas Guatemala 24 January 2022 TGU
Tropic Air Limited The Americas Belize 15 February 2022 TOS 9N