Airlines that successfully undergo an IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) are placed on the ISSA Registry for a period of 24 months. See the ISSA Audit scope and eligibility and the audit organizations accredited to conduct ISSA audits.

List of airlines currently on the ISSA registry:

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10 ISSA registered airlines found

Airline name Region Country / Territory Registration Expiry ICAO Code IATA Code
Aerosul Linhas Aereas Ltda The Americas Brazil 12 January 2024 ASO
ASTA Linhas Aéreas The Americas Brazil 25 September 2021 SUL
ATA- Aerotáxi Abaete LTDA The Americas Brazil 21 October 2022 ABJ
Azul Conecta The Americas Brazil 28 May 2023 OWT 2F
Coastal Travels Limited Africa & Middle East Tanzania, United Republic of 5 March 2023 CSV CQ
RIMA Rio Madeira Aerotaxi The Americas Brazil 28 July 2023 RIM
SANSA, Servicios Aéreos Nacionales S.A. The Americas Costa Rica 5 December 2023 LRS RZ
Star Up S.A. The Americas Peru 15 December 2023 SRU
Tropic Air Limited The Americas Belize 14 February 2024 TOS 9N
Yeti Airlines Pvt. Ltd. Asia Pacific Nepal 22 October 2023 NYT