‚ÄčThe IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA) Program is an evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an Operator. Below are the conditions to participate in ISSA.

Scope and Eligibility

  • Commercial and/or non-commercial passenger, and/or cargo operations
  • Seaplane Operations
  • Aircraft with one or more turbine-powered and/or multiple reciprocating engines and single reciprocating engines (for Seaplanes)
  • Single and/or Two-pilot operation
  • IFR and/or VFR operations
  • Aircraft below 5,700Kg MTOW
  • Aircraft above 5,700Kg MTOW will be eligible for one ISSA initial assessment; thereafter the operator needs to pursue an IOSA registration initial audit to stay on an IATA Audit registry


  • Aircraft with single reciprocating engine (for non-seaplane operations)
  • Helicopters
  • Operators with no aircraft on the AOC (only wet-lease operations)

During an assessment, ISARPs are applied only to those aircraft that are of the type authorized in the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and utilized in commercial passenger and/or cargo operations. Other owned or leased aircraft that are not of the type authorized in the AOC and/or not utilized in commercial air transport operations, will not be evaluated during an assessment as they are considered outside the scope of ISSA. However, the existence of such aircraft will be referenced with an explanation in the ISSA Audit Report (ISAR).