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The Safety Issue Hub supports the delivery of IATA’s three year Safety Strategy. The Hub aims to become an internationally recognized repository of aviation hazards and safety risks to enable the prioritization and delivery of aviation safety improvement programs, for the benefit of reducing global accidents in aviation.

Safety Issue Hub Dashboard

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Contribute to the Safety Issue Hub

Members are encouraged to contribute to the Hub by sharing your identified issues.

New Safety Issues: Safety Issues with updated Guidance Material in September:
  • Airspace infringement
  • Fatigue
  • Airspace routings requiring special/non-standard navigation or communication procedures
  • Go Around after thrust reversers selection
  • Airspace Infringement  

Safety issues are complemented with associated generic risk assessments and guidance material.  On top of that, you have the opportunity to join our Safety Connect Initiative, which offers a unique safety management community for sharing best practices and safety knowledge

The introduction of a risk-based approach for the IOSA program complements the Safety Issues Hub with associated risk pictures will enhance the risk-based IOSA program by making it more targeted. The audits themselves will also gather de-identified operator risks to feed back into the hub.

Ensuring the continued confidentiality of contributors, the Hub will be matured by the incorporation of anonymized and aggregated insights from IATA’s safety, security and operational data sharing program - Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) and through the Safety Issue Review Meetings.

The benefits of the Safety Issue Hub to members and the wider aviation community include:

  • Providing a central repository for information, guidance material, and generic risk assessments that support airlines' own risk assessments to inform their safety management system.
  • Risk-based, targeted safety improvement programs delivered by IATA to support the mitigation of safety risks
  • IATA’s Operational Safety Audits enhanced with regional and sector risk pictures

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