In support of our members' needs towards a safer industry, IATA works in capturing and analyzing Industry hazards and safety risks, so specific areas where safety improvement is needed to contribute to drive down the aviation all-accident rate.

Our safety risk approach

Risk identification Risk mitigation Assurance
  • Improved risk picture
  • Better safety analysis
  •  Development of safety enhancements
  •  Implementation

IATA Safety Risk Management Framework

The changes that COVID-19 created for aviation cannot be overstated. Managing the risks that COVID brought in a fluid environment can be challenging for even the most mature safety programs. The Global Safety Risk Management Framework (GSRMF) has been developed to address emerging safety risks resulting from multiple alleviations, exemptions and new business models.

As the industry restarts, the GSRMF will be enhanced to be made available through a database for IATA member. It will allow to generate a global picture of safety risks where, in collaboration its stakeholders, IATA may address safety issues on behalf of industry. The GSRMF will capture and prioritize and implement safety improvement programs to reduce global accidents in aviation.