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Using a Design Thinking Blue Skies approach to security​

The practical realities of aviation security measures have seldom changed in recent decades, contrary to innovations in other air transport areas. New approaches in technology and processes continue to improve the safety commitment to the traveling public, yet we still deal with known threats and risks. But are we in a position to implement meaningful defence against the unknown security threats of tomorrow and to respond to increasing expectations from passengers? 

The post-pandemic recovery requires us to look anew at the issues we all face and how we can best meet the future. At the 2021 Blue Skies workshop, IATA planted the seed for a refreshed approach for aviation security. See the IATA Blue Skies 2021 presentation (pdf) and video highlight below.

To continue this momentum in using a design thinking and blueskies approach to security, the Integrated Security Forum 2022 will be drawing from traditional aviation security and include cyber security, flight operations, maintenance/engineering and safety. Its objective is to stimulate discussion and facilitate further development and innovation to help the aviation industry better prepare and respond to known threats of today and the unknown of tomorrow.

This technical forum will be held in Europe in 2022, more information will follow.

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Did you miss the 2019 Forum?

In June 2019, the first Blue Skies – Air Transport Security 2040 forum brought together IATA's security Strategic Partners, member airlines, airports, regulators, manufacturers, industry experts and academics. The outcomes of the event culminated in a White Paper consolidating these industry views on the future of broad aviation security strategies.

SeMS Leaders’ Summit / Security Week where IATA SeMS Certification concept, together with industry Security Leadership & Strategy group will come to together with SeMS course students to take part in discussions, presentations, and debates. The overall objective of the Summit is to chart a way forward for regulators, industry and key partners to recognise good security practice based on outcomes and performance.

For more information For any questions or further information on the Integrated Security Forum or the Air Transport Security 2040 White Paper,  please do not hesitate to contact us.