Bringing Together Airline Auditors from All Over the World

The International Association of Airline Internal Auditors (IAAIA) is a non-for profit organization, created in 1991 by several airlines to exchange information on challenges and best practices. Today, the organization counts over 45 member airlines and continues to meet annually all across the world to network, exchange ideas and solutions.

An IAAIA member airline is a passenger or cargo airline, either scheduled or charter, or any member of the IATA Clearing House.The IAAIA is comprised of over 45 member airlines in over 37 countries representing over 400 internal auditors. IAAIA members meet annually in different locations throughout the world to network, exchange ideas and solutions and to further promote cooperation amongst themselves.

A person engaged as an Internal Auditor and/or forming part of the Internal Audit team, section or department or related assurance functions of the member shall be eligible to attend, and participate in, the activities of the Association and represent the member as an Executive Committee member.

The IAAIA membership provides premier access to many useful resources, a forum of discussion in a private site, and participation to all IAAIA events with exclusive networking opportunities and training.

The IAAIA's mission is to help develop and maintain standards and procedures related to the practice of internal audit and assurance functions in the airline industry, whether among scheduled and/or charter airlines.

In addition, the IAAIA strives to:

  • Research and promote best practice in the airline industry through conference, seminars and forums.
  • Promote cooperation between members.
  • Affiliate or cooperate with other bodies whose objectives are similar to those of the association.
  • Promote the profession of Internal Audit and related assurance functions in general and to the airline industry in particular.

View the IAAIA statutes (pdf) and find out who is on the Executive Committee of the IAAIA (pdf)


The Annual Conference has become the highlight for members and is strategically held across the globe to encourage all airlines to participate. As a result of on-going impact of COVID19, the Executive Committee has decided to cancel the 29th Annual Conference. The dates for the 2021 edition will be announced as soon as the situation allows.


IAAIA events include mainly industry workshops at a hosting airline location or an IATA office to provide members with a learning experience on current topics that are impacting the profession. It also provides an opportunity to share best practices and insight. It is an opportunity like no other.

The Executive Committee is pleased to announce the first series of webinars in collaboration with the Big Four accounting firms. These webinars will answer some key questions that are in the mind of every Audit Executive these days. Please join us and learn from leaders at PwC how Audit Executives can maximize their contribution in this time of crisis.

The topics that will be covered during the webinar include:

  • How can Internal Audit maximize its contribution to the COVID-19 response?
  • What steps can be taken to re-prioritize and re-focus the Internal Audit activity to the risks and business processes that really matter?
  • What are the lessons learned for Internal Audit to-date in the crisis?


Webinar 27 October Online IAAIA Members
Webinar 04 November Online IAAIA Members