Airlines, medical faculties of universities, travel medicine training organizations, health organizations and government authorities worldwide share a common interest in airline medicine. IATA has brought together the experience and knowledge of 12 medical directors from airlines of all regions to produce the IATA Medical Manual.

IATA's medical manual is available for free, in PDF format, replacing former printed editions. It is regularly updated by IATA's Medical Advisory Group.

An essential reference on health questions for airlines

This guide focuses on many facets of airline administration and operations from a medical point of view. It can help you:

  • Implement a medical service in your company (you can use the Medical Manual to build on solid foundations)
  • Learn how to answer questions from the media and authorities on medical issues such as passenger health, air crew health and cabin environment
  • Efficiently deal with sick passengers
  • Better handle crisis situations concerning health issues
  • Train your staff on altitude physiology

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