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10 November 2023

Standards - The Backbone of Modern Airline Retailing

Industry standards are a critical enabler on many levels; they support cost reductions, encourage innovation and help enhance customer centricity and experience for all passengers. 

The IATA Passenger Standards Conference develops and maintain industry standards for passenger services, from industry coding, interline agreements, or scheduling through to distribution, service delivery and settlement. This is where airlines agree on the required industry standards for Modern Airline Retailing. 
The Conference and four of its five Standards Management Boards, convened in Geneva, earlier this month, for the first in-person edition since the pandemic. Over two days, the Conference reviewed activities and workplans of all working groups and acted* on 30 voting items including two brand new standards for Modern Airline Retailing: RP1730 Product Management Information Standards and RP 1786a Reference Business Architecture for Passenger Distribution with Offers and Orders. 
Key topics on the agenda included:

  • How to manage the development of the transformational standards behind 100% Offers and Orders, while ensuring the necessary maintenance of traditional standards during the transition period. 
  • The need to collaborate to develop new standards across all five Boards including Plan, Shop-Order-Pay, Travel, Settlement & Accounting and Architecture & Technology Strategy. 
  • How to manage transversal topics to enable the new interline paradigm with Offers and Orders, including disruption management. 


Hear from the Chair of the Shop-Order-Pay Standards Board, Nathan Smeulders (Qantas), how standards will support the journey to airline retailing:

Standards are developed by airlines and invited observers, such as technology providers, providing crucial subject matter expertise. Active participation is necessary for the success of the transformation.  
For further information on how to get involved please contact

*All standards agreed by the Conference are subject to filing and approval by the US Dept. of Transportation. Thus, currently, we can speak about Conference decisions, but cannot say that the new standards are effective yet.  

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