The growing amount of reporting regulations, stakeholder demand and investor requests mean that airlines need to increasingly reporting on their corporate responsibility. The measuring and reporting of airlines’  sustainability impact drives performance improvements. Those responsible for corporate reporting and those who manage their organizations’ operations need an established and agreed set of rules to map out and decide how to report on important issues. 

The non-profit Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) provides the leading sustainability reporting standards, and this handbook is your starting point for GRI based reporting. The handbook contains the most material topics as determined by IATA member airlines for you to report on, associated disclosures and relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and targets.

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Airline Sustainability Reporting Handbook (ASRH)

Edition: 2
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What's inside the ASRH?

The handbook provides industry guidance on sustainability reporting according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards including a framework of topics and specific indicators to report on.  In particular it contains materiality guidance on 8 topics:

  1. Conduct and compliance
  2. Customer experience
  3. Energy and emissions
  4. Labor conditions
  5. Noise
  6. People and development
  7. Supply chain sustainability
  8. Waste and effluents