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In the effort to provide a seamless and personalized passenger journey to air travelers, the travel industry must continuously adapt to market changes and new technology. In this context, IATA has carried out the Global Passenger Survey (GPS) since 2012, which has been designed to provide objective and in-depth insights into the preferences and behaviors of air travelers all around the world.

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Global Pax Survey Historical Combo (PDF & Excel)

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Global Pax Survey Combo (PDF & Excel)

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Global Passenger Survey (PDF)

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The PDF Report outlines results on a global level, highlights regional differences, and includes facts and figures on passenger profiles with over 80 data visualizations.

The Data Viewer includes a detailed overview of passenger preferences, based on their socio-demographic profile (gender, age, annual income, region) and behavioral pattern (frequency of travelling, business/leisure purpose of travel, domestic/international flights, short-/long-haul flights, first/business/premium economy/economy class taken, other).

It allows for multiple sorting of variables generating unique and in-depth insights on passenger preferences and behaviors.

Sample insights:

  • Of the 18% of passengers that offset carbon emissions, 51% are under the age of 40.
  • Of the 20% of passengers that have experienced travel disruptions, 60% of them have taken a connecting flight.
  • Of the 20% of passengers who have requested special assistance either for themselves or others who have experienced baggage mishandling, 59% of them are satisfied with the service provided to them by the airline.

Who is the GPS for?

Airlines, airports, airline suppliers, tourism companies, governments, media and academia have benefited from the Global Passenger survey results.

2023 Passenger survey findings

Discover the key findings on preferences and expectations of travelers; from attitudes towards the use of biometrics, carbon offsetting behaviors, through travel disruptions, transfer and queuing processes at the airport or finding alternative ways for the baggage journey. The survey’s key findings will help recover, reconnect and rebuild the future travel experience. The 2023 Global Passenger Survey results will help unlock value creation by understanding passenger needs and putting them first.

Learn how IATA works with the industry to address the changing needs of travelers through various initiatives including: BaggageOne ID and Accessibility.

In 2023, 8,000 respondents across 200 countries shared their travel preferences with us. Get a sneak peak of what passengers truly want by downloading our 2023 Highlights and explore more by purchasing the 2023 Global Passenger Survey Report, 2023 Global Passenger Survey Combo and the Historical Combo capturing the last 3 years datasets.