The IATA Technical Peripheral Specifications (ITPS), formerly the AEA Technical Specifications, describes all exchanges of Departure Control Systems (DCSs) to device communication and all device responses. These are required in order to use standard airline devices defined for "Common Use" (or dedicated).

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IATA Technical Peripheral Specifications (ITPS)

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​Device communications covered

ITPS covers devices such as:

  • ATB (Automated Ticketing and Boarding Pass Printer)
  • BTP (Baggage Tag Printers), including new RFID encoding details
  • BGR and E-Gates (Boarding Gate Readers and Self-Boarding Gates) with Biometric Validation
  • SBD (Self-Baggage Drop) and SD (Scale Device)

Key topics covered

  • E-Gates as well as BGRs have touchscreen (TSC) added for Exit Row handling with passenger questionnaires and optional airline text
  • Allow automated Zone Boarding on E-Gates with arbitrary text (and display)
  • Added new Biometric Unique Identifier (BUID) and XF transaction code for generic Biometric Identification for the Traveler Verification Service offered by US Customs and Border Protection
  • Added audio file management on E-Gates
  • Added MG#Tx to allow text to be sent to graphics display in any language (as UTF-8) for all BGRs
  • New XA transaction added for accounting purposes for all AEA devices
  • Numerous enhancements for RFID handling for BTPs to allow airlines to follow the IATA initiative for worldwide usage of RFID
  • Numerous additional enhancements and clarifications on implementation details
  • PECTAB Element K handling explained for BTPs
  • SQNI implementation details explained for all AEA devices

Who's ITPS for?

All stakeholders willing to develop or use standard devices, in private areas or on CUSS/CUPPS platforms, present at most airports worldwide, are:

  • Airlines and DCS application providers
  • Hardware vendors
  • Solution providers
  • Airports - for a definition of their needs or technical maintenance follow-up

What's new in the ITPS?

  • Baggage Tag/BRF updates:
    - Added new RP1740c OIDs defined by IATA and clarified use of compaction scheme “00"
    - EP#CONTRAST corrected to yy (isof yyy)
    - RFID Voiding updated
    - Updated PAPERTYPE - Ricoh 120 replaced by Ricoh 130
    - OLDTID handling added
    - New EP keyword LLBMKSTOP
    - New optional UK parameter #EPONLY
  • ATB & Boarding updates:
    - EP#CONTRAST corrected to yy (isof yyy)
    - ERRS handling updated
    - RFRI
  • Self Bagdrop updates:
    - NFCI, CAMI and correction of BAGE