An agency identification program that allows the bookings of travel sales intermediaries to be recognized by industry suppliers from airlines, hotel & resort chains, cruise lines, car rental companies, theme parks, and rail companies.

A travel intermediary that has been accepted into the TIDS program has been properly vetted by IATA, meets all industry requirements, and can access a broad supplier network to book travel and receive commissions.

Be part of the digital transformation of the travel industry!

As the digital transformation of the industry ramps up, industry-wide standard identification of sales intermediaries has become critical. To facilitate this, IATA TIDS will be free of charge** from October 2020. We will be launching a new information management platform in the coming months to allow you to easily maintain your agency profile and details online. Watch this space.

Benefits of having a TIDS Code

Get instant recognition industry-wide


As your travel business grows, the number of industry suppliers you contract with also increases. Your administration becomes more complex, with multiple accounts and identifiers to be managed and kept updated. Consequently, your operating costs increase.

The IATA Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS) provides a unique identification code, recognized by airlines and most travel industry suppliers, such as hotels and car rental companies, and their electronic reservation systems worldwide. Ensuring proper and efficient identification of the bookings of travel agents and sales intermediaries like you**, it enables you to streamline your operations and manage your costs.

** Located outside the USA. US Agents should visit the IATAN website for information about the Non-Ticketing Program.

Are you an industry supplier? Please visit the TIDS for Industry Suppliers page.

Do business more simply


As a participant of the IATA TIDS program, you can:

  • Rely on a single identifier recognized by an entire industry, that’s completely free of charge*
  • Access a broad supplier base
  • Speed up and secure reservations
  • Maintain information about your business in a single place*

* As of October 2020

Enable your business to grow


  • Create new business opportunities – The IATA TIDS identifier is recognized, and sometimes required, by travel and tourism suppliers and their systems around the world. The information associated with each TIDS participant is included in IATA global Agency List, which is trusted by hundreds of suppliers to identify commercial partners and manage relationships with them, including granting commissions.
  • Streamline your administration – IATA's TIDS program helps you reduce the complexity and costs of managing multiple industry IDs. The TIDS identification management platform provides you one single place to update changes to your information and have those changes relayed to all suppliers using IATA's agency list.

Get started

  1. Login or Register on IATA Customer Portal
  2. Select TIDS under the "Services" area
  3. Assemble the supporting document for your application
  4. Complete & Submit your TIDS Application


Before starting the online application, check out the TIDS Service User Guide and ensure you have the following supporting documents ready. 

  • Documentation supporting the legal form of business and ownership of the business entity
  • Applicants in Canada, located in QC, ON, and BC, must provide a copy of the provincial travel agency license (all other provinces, please provide a copy of business registration as stated above)
  • Applicants in Turkey must provide a copy of the license issued by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism & Culture
  • A copy of the business registration including tax registration/other business registration number
  • A bank letter or statement of account in the name of the business
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from an IATA Airline member, GDS i.e. Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan, or major travel industry suppliers (i.e. hotels, car rental companies, theme park, etc)
  • Government-issued license for sales of travel-related services (where applicable)
  • A signed copy of TIDS Terms and Conditions

Maintain your business information

Travel industry suppliers use IATA data to find partners and manage their relationships with them. If your business details have changed, ensure to update them on the IATA Customer Portal with the following instructions.

  1. Login and click on TIDS under Favorite Services
  2. Click on Report Changes to access the online agency change form

No longer need your TIDS Code?

If you are ceasing business, please advise IATA via the IATA Customer Portal.

  1. Login and click on TIDS under Favorite Services
  2. Click on Relinquish Your TIDS Participation to proceed


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