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Need Help?

About TIDS Program

What is TIDS?

TIDS (Travel Industry Designator Service) is an IATA program that provides travel agents and sales intermediaries with a unique Industry Code: The IATA/TIDS Numeric Code. This unique Industry Code facilitates the identification of travel sellers and their bookings in reservation systems worldwide.

The IATA TIDS Program is available globally except in the USA.

Why should I apply for TIDS?

Travel Suppliers such as Airlines, Hotels, and Car Rentals, rely on TIDS to identify Non-Accredited points of sale. Obtaining an IATA/TIDS Code helps ensure that your business’ sales activities are properly identified and recognized by suppliers worldwide. Some suppliers also require an IATA/TIDS Code for onboarding on their distribution platforms.

What is the difference between the IATA Accreditation and TIDS Programs?

The IATA Accreditation and TIDS programs both facilitate the identification of bookings and reservations with industry suppliers such as airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.

TIDS agents however cannot issue airline tickets through IATA’s BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan), whereas IATA Accredited Agents are able to do so.

My company organizes conferences/events. Am I eligible to apply for TIDS?

Yes, if you are an event planner providing travel-related services, then your business is eligible to apply for TIDS.

My company offers an online booking service. Am I eligible to apply for TIDS?

Yes. If your website provides an online booking service of travel-related products such as air, hotel, car, packages, rental/transfer, theme parks, cruises, etc. for sale to the public, you are eligible to apply for TIDS.

I am an incoming tour operator. Am I eligible to apply for TIDS?

Yes. If you make hotel bookings, packages, organize travel and excursions for incoming tourists, you are eligible to apply for TIDS.

I am already an IATA Accredited Agent. Do I also need to apply for TIDS?

As an IATA Accredited Agent, your business is already identified with its own IATA Numeric Code. However, your Agency may choose to use the TIDS service to identify the activities of non-Accredited points of sale.

My company/agency is based in the USA. May I apply for TIDS?

TIDS is not available in the USA. However, a similar program called the “Non-Ticketing Program” is offered by IATA’s US Division “IATAN”. More information can be found on the IATAN website.

How much does it cost to apply for TIDS?

The TIDS program is now free of charge. Both the application fee and the annual renewal fee have been eliminated.

If there are no TIDS Annual fees, how do I renew my TIDS participation?

The concept of renewal has been eliminated with the elimination of the TIDS Annual fees. Rather, we will introduce an Annual Revalidation exercise where TIDS Agents are required to verify and reconfirm their Business Details. As long as a TIDS Agent completes the Annual Revalidation, the TIDS participation will be valid.

However, if a TIDS Agent fails to complete the Annual Revalidation, the TIDS participation will be Terminated by IATA and Industry Suppliers will be notified of the Termination. Note: The Annual Revalidation will be introduced in 2021. TIDS Agents will not need to complete a revalidation exercise in 2020.

About TIDS Application

How do I start my TIDS application?

Register and log in to IATA Customer Portal. Click on TIDS icon under “Services”.

How long does it take to get approved under the TIDS Program?

Once you have completed the TIDS online application form and provided all supporting documents, IATA will process your application within 3 to 5 business days.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for TIDS?

  • Documentation supporting the legal form of business and ownership of the business entity
  • A copy of the business registration including tax registration/other business registration number
  • A bank letter or statement of account in the name of the business
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from an IATA Airline member, GDS (i.e. Amadeus, Sabre, Worldspan…) or major travel industry suppliers (i.e. hotels, car rentals…)
  • Government-issued license for sales of travel-related services (where applicable). For example:
    • Applicants in Canada, located in QC, ON, and BC, must provide a copy of the provincial travel agency license
    • Applicants in Turkey must provide a copy of the license issued by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism & Culture
  • A signed copy of the  TIDS Terms and Conditions

May I send you photocopies of the supporting documents for the TIDS application?

All supporting documents must be electronically attached to the online application. 

I don’t have a website for my company, what should I put in the TIDS application?

Most companies have an online presence. If you do not have an official website for your company, you may enter your company’s social media link.

My address does not have a postal code. What should I put in the TIDS application?

You may enter 0000 in the postal code field.

About TIDS Code

Will my TIDS Code be recognized by suppliers in the USA?

Yes, TIDS Codes are included in “The IATA List” and are recognized globally.

Do I have to inform my GDS of my TIDS Code allocation?

Yes. We recommend that you inform your GDS as soon as your code is allocated. Your GDS will then be able to add your IATA TIDS Code to your customer profile.

Can I use the same TIDS Code for different office locations?

It is not possible to use 1 TIDS Code for multiple office locations. Each TIDS Code is assigned to a specific office, with details that are office-specific (address, contact details, profile, etc.) If you have multiple office locations, you should apply for TIDS Branches and have 1 TIDS Code assigned to each office.

My TIDS Code is valid on CheckACode, but a supplier says it's invalid in their system. What do I do?

Be advised that some suppliers may take up to 30 days to update their systems. We recommend you to request industry suppliers to validate your TIDS Code via until updates are done in their systems.

Other Questions

I have an active TIDS Code (prior Oct 2020), do I need to sign the new TIDS Terms and Conditions?

No, you do not need to sign the new TIDS Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept them, please advise us via the IATA Customer Portal. Otherwise, you are assumed to agree and accept the new TIDS Terms and Conditions.

What do I do if my company details (name, address, ownership, contacts, etc) change?

Any change of company details must be reported to IATA by completing the change form online. Please log in to IATA Customer Portal and click on TIDS icon under “Services”.

As a TIDS Agent, is there a logo that I can use?

As an approved TIDS Agent, you are authorized to use the TIDS Recognition Stamp. Please take a moment to review article 10 of the TIDS Terms and Conditions for more details.