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The agency identification program that allows the bookings of travel sales intermediaries to be recognized by industry suppliers from airlines, hotel & resort chains, cruise lines, car rental companies, theme parks, and rail companies. TIDS, the simplified way to book travel and receive commissions.

Be part of the digital transformation of the travel industry!
As the digital transformation of the industry ramps up, industry-wide standard identification of sales intermediaries has become critical. To facilitate this, IATA TIDS is now FREE of charge. As part of this digital transformation, we have launched a new self-managed information platform to allow you to easily maintain your agency profile and details online.

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Benefits of having a TIDS Code

  • Industry-wide recognition
  • Accurate identification of all your bookings and sales activities
  • Simplification of your supplier interactions as your business grows
  • FREE program – IATA offers this travel seller identification program at no cost

Do business more simply

  • Stop managing multiple industry IDs and rely on a single identifier recognized by an entire industry: The IATA TIDS Code
  • Enable your business to grow as thousands of industry suppliers worldwide rely on TIDS to identify and manage commercial partnerships, including granting commissions
  •  Administer your business details in 1 place with the TIDS Online Platform, and have your business details relayed to all suppliers through the IATA agency list