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Enhance credibility and gain customers' trust with certification for special cargo handling

To acquire a share of the important markets of pharmaceutical, live animal or perishable shipments, you need to convince potential customers their cargo is in safe, competent and efficient hands – every step of the way. A CEIV certification shows your organization masters temperature-controlled, time-sensitive shipments that require special handling, meeting air transport industry standards and best practices, and reinforcing the entire supply chain.

The Center of Excellence for Independent Validators (CEIV) certification program was created to help organizations throughout the air cargo supply chain get on the right track to achieve operational excellence in the handling and transportation of special cargo.

Meet the requirements of shippers and manufacturers in:



Give customers confidence their high-value, time- and temperature-sensitive cargo will arrive in expected condition, thanks to your fast, consistent, and efficient handling.

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Live Animals

Reassure owners and stakeholders that their animals are traveling in safe, healthy and humane conditions, according to the highest standards.

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Show you can help safeguard customers’ profitability through quality and risk management practices that prevent the loss of perishable products.

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 "The CEIV certification sets one standard for all participating stakeholders, reduces the weak links in the supply chain, and guarantees a fully temperature-controlled handling for all temperature sensitive goods."

- Nathan De Valck, Head of Cargo - Product & Network, Brussels Airport Company

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Note: IATA Certification does not handle the IATA accreditation program. If you are a travel agent or cargo agent, please visit the customer portal to get support regarding accreditation services and training.