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The International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) - Training Validation Program (TVP) is a certification program to recognize excellence in workplace learning practices and compliance with international and industry training standards. The IATA Training Validation Program (TVP) enables organizations across the aviation industry to assess and improve workplace learning capacity, develop learning facilitators and specialists, and to provide their workforce with high-quality and effective training that meets international standards.

The importance of training your employees – both new and experienced – really cannot be overemphasized!


The TVP consists of certification at three (3) levels:

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Recognition of a Training Organization

The Recognition of a Training Organization (TVP-Organization) certification allows organizations to assess and improve their training system, standards, and quality management in the critical areas of operations in the organization. It provides an organization with the opportunity to acquire “Center of Excellence – Training Organization” recognition from IATA, attesting that the workplace’s learning program is benchmarked against and meets IATA's training standards.

Validation of a Training Course

The Validation of a Training Course (TVP-Course) certification allows organizations to assess and improve the initial and continuous qualification program, instructional materials, and content in aviation operational-related training courses in the areas of security, safety, cargo, ground operations, facilitation, environment, economics, etc. It provides an organization with the opportunity to acquire a ‘Certificate of Validation’ from IATA, attesting that their training course is benchmarked against and meets IATA's training standards. It provides an organization with the opportunity to award their employees with co-branded IATA course certificates.

Qualification of a Learning Facilitator

The Qualification of a Learning Facilitator (TVP-Facilitator) certification allows an organization to develop learning facilitators and equip them with the competencies to deliver effective training and perform assessment within the workplace. Facilitators will increase their effectiveness by developing their skills to create and deliver systematic learning plans and assessment records. Facilitators will follow a skills gap analysis and designated training with on-the-job coaching. Facilitators will receive an IATA Diploma in ‘Learning Facilitator’ upon completion of the learning and final practicum project.

The Training Validation Program (TVP)


  • Draws on IATA’s expertise in the development of global standards and professional support with a wide range of products and services. 
  • Brings to bear the wealth of experience and knowledge accumulated by IATA Training while facilitating training in the aviation industry worldwide. 
  • Aims to help organizations across the aviation industry to elevate workplace learning and capability, thereby transforming these organizations to a great place to learn and grow. 
  • Provides the expertise to equip organizations with the capability in the design, development and facilitation of performance-based, up-to-date training programs and other quality learning activities, that fully meet international standards. 
  • Assures that trainees have achieved the skills and knowledge that the training course was intended to provide and validates that the entire training program process is designed and developed correctly.

Why does IATA have a Training Validation Program (TVP)?


The objective of the TVP is to:

  • Address industry concerns and requirements to ensure sustainable growth
  • Establish a globally consistent, recognized and standardized certification program 
  • Raise the bar in the industry and give visibility to certified organizations
  • Make aviation a great place to learn and grow
  • Establish, maintain and monitor high standards of training and performance measurements
  • Advance the adoption of competency-based training and assessment
  • Elevate workforce competency and improve the performance of air transport
  • Promote cooperation and mutual recognition among stakeholders
  • Provide a framework of cost-effective solutions which can be adapted on a worldwide basis across the aviation industry.

TVP certified companies are the most compliant with IATA provisions in addressing training development and facilitation;

  • 3 recognized training organizations
  • 15 validated training programs


An experienced senior manager with 20 years in the aviation industry with a demonstrated history of working with airlines, airports, ground service providers and freight forwarders worldwide. Strong skills in Strategic Management, Quality Management, Training Management, and Project Management with a proven track record in the management of certification programs and in the development of sustainable solutions.

Yaniv's expertise over the years has included worldwide responsibility and leadership as the product lead for the faculty of cargo and logistics studies and end-to-end learning transformation at IATA Training. Yaniv managed many consultancy projects in the area of learning strategy, design and development of learning content learning technology and innovation.

Throughout his career, Yaniv has demonstrated the skills and abilities to manage complex projects in difficult and challenging environments while displaying a high sensitivity for cultural differences and making customer satisfaction the highest priority.

Yaniv has a wealth of knowledge in solving complex problems creatively and innovatively, passionate about understanding customer needs and matching optimized solutions. He believes in building trust through transparency and a deep understanding of the customer interests and motivations, a true win-win believer.

Yaniv Sorany
Senior Manager, Certifications

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