Meet customer and employee expectations, and operational efficiency goals

To enable its continued growth, the aviation industry, including air transport and logistics, needs to attract, develop and retain appropriately skilled staff, while continuing to ensure that industry standards and best practices are met, and organizations remain cost-efficient and operationally sustainable. With the large number of in-house training programs, it is difficult for organizations to distinguish themselves and assure employees and customers that their training is makes the grade.

To help organizations establish, maintain and monitor high standards of training and performance, IATA developed the Training Validation Program (TVP), which recognizes excellence in workplace learning practices, and compliance with international and industry training standards. There are two types of certification:

  • Recognition of a Training Organization (TVP-Organization) - This certification recognizes the workplace's learning program and the training department of the organization as a Center of Excellence - Training Organization
  • Validation of a Training Course (TVP-Course) - This certification provides a Certificate of Validation for a particular training program, enabling the organization to award employees with co-branded IATA course certificates.

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Demonstrate your organization's high performance

  • Enhance customer satisfaction - The TVP certification, and the high standards of training it ensures, leads to better performance in the exercise of operations that benefit your customers. In turn, it can reduce cost overruns caused by poor performance.
  • Become an employer of choice - The TVP certification signals to existing and potential employees that your training is of the highest quality. It ensures their safety when carrying out their work, makes them feel valued by awarding them an internationally recognized certificate on completion of their training, and ultimately reduces turnover.
  • Increase operational performance - By ensuring your training is of the highest standard, through the TVP certification, you can make new recruits operational faster; increase the knowledge and capability of your workforce, improving their performance; and improve health and safety in the workplace.


"Our vision is to become the most admired global company for provision of services to customers and as a place to work for employees. This means demonstrating high service standards and quality in our training, which IATA Certification reflects."

Benay Koz, Human Resources & Academy Director, Celebi Aviation

Meet international industry training standards

The Training Validation Program assessment is based on Chapter 1100 of the IATA Airport Handling Manual (AHM) and industry training standards and best practices. It covers the following critical areas of operations:

  • Organization
  • Training and procedures manual
  • Training program and delivery
  • Facilities
  • Personnel
  • Training records
  • Quality system
  • Training materials and content

Be supported every step of your TVP journey

The IATA Certification process is designed to guide and support you to success. We give you the understanding, tools and expert advice you need to achieve your organization's certification. The process is as follows:

  • Self-assessment - Your training team, guided by IATA’s experts, carries out a self-assessment using a provided checklist, ensuring all course materials, evidence and documentation are provided to the IATA assessor.
  • Assessment - A remote assessment, through a teleconferencing system, will be followed by an on-site visit of the center by an IATA assessor. During this phase, the assessor will review course materials to ensure they match the description received, and observe that the current operations of the training unit are conducted along the same lines as described in the various documents provided by the organization. The assessor will then provide comprehensive feedback, including a gap analysis report and a detailed list of the specific findings and areas of improvement, to enable your organization to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Validation - The assessor works in close cooperation with your organization to ensure that all feedback is actioned. Your organization will need to provide a corrective action plan (CAP) specifying the actions you have taken and that are planned, together with an implementation date. The CAP is validated by the assessor as meeting CBTA Center certification criteria. As your organization executes its plan, you must submit clear evidence of its full implementation to the IATA assessor for validation. Once the CAP has been satisfactorily implemented, the assessor will issue the IATA Assessment Report, and your organization will be granted the IATA Certification.
  • Re-certification - To maintain your CBTA Center certification, a new assessment will be carried out every two years to check compliance with the certification requirements and continuous improvement.

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Note: IATA Certification does not handle the IATA accreditation program. If you are a travel agent or cargo agent, please visit the customer portal to get support regarding accreditation services and training.