TTC (Travel Technology Coding) is an IATA identity management program offered to travel technology service providers involved in the distribution of travel products and services.

Originating from the need to identify each participant in the NDC (New Distribution Capability) value chain, the TTC program enables Content Aggregators, Meta Search Engines and Online Booking Tools to be universally identified with the unique IATA TTC Code.

Driven by the digital transformation of the travel industry!
As the digital transformation of the industry ramps up with NDC and other key initiatives, industry-wide identification of distributors is more critical than ever.
The IATA TTC program facilitates this aspect and is offered at an annual cost of USD 2,500. Once approved, your company will receive a unique IATA TTC Code and you will have access to a self-service information platform where your company profile and details can easily be maintained online.

Who can benefit from the IATA TTC Program

The IATA TTC Program is offered to companies involved in the following areas of activities:

  • Content Aggregators
  • Meta Search Engines
  • Online Booking Tools

Benefits of having an IATA TTC Code

  •  A single code, conferring Industry-wide recognition to your company
  • Supported by the airline industry and defined by the Shop-Order-Pay Standards Board
  • NDC (New Distribution Capability) enabler


Do business more simply!

  • Stop managing multiple industry IDs and rely on a single identifier, recognized by an entire industry: The IATA TTC Code
  • Enable your business to grow as industry suppliers worldwide rely on TTC to identify travel technology providers



TTC Application

Application Requirements 

  • Documentation supporting the legal form of the company (for example: Article of Incorporation)
  • Documentation supporting the ownership of the company
  • Copy of company's tax registration (VAT/GST)
  • Signed copy of the TTC Terms and Conditions


Join Today

Step 1: Assemble the supporting documents for your application
Step 2: Login or register on the IATA Customer Portal
Step 3: Select TTC under the “Services” area
Step 4: Complete & submit your TTC Application for review


Note: The applicant must be a person authorized to act on behalf of the business.
Once your application has been reviewed and pre-approved by IATA, you will receive an email with payment instructions.
The IATA TTC Code will be assigned to your company once payment has been received.