Productivity is key to a successful air cargo operation, and so is the importance of accurate pricing information. With TACT Tariffs integration, you can display air cargo tariffs directly in your system, significantly reducing the human error that results in delays, incorrect billings, and the risk of non-compliance. Faster shipment processing time means better customer relationships and increased business.

Select the TACT Tariffs Integration that better fits your needs

TACT Tariffs API TACT Tariffs Flat File
Best for: Cargo operators with modern systems, looking for flexible integration Best for: Cargo operators with legacy systems, requiring data to be integrated and stored in their system
Updates: Real-time Updates: Monthly via SFTP delivery
Format: Cloud based Format: ASCII (text format)
Price structure: Annual subscription, based on number of calls to the API. A call is a origin-destination pair search. Price structure: Annual subscription, based on the geographic scope
Example: Tier 1 package = 5000 calls Example: Singapore to worldwide destinations or worldwide origins to Singapore, or bidirectional from/to Singapore
Access the API Specifications Access the Flat File Specifications


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