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No matter your budget or company size, there is a Timatic solution for your needs.

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Large companies often choose the API for easy integration with their website or their mobile app while smaller companies opt for our off-the-shelf web versions that offers co-branding features for seamless visual integration. Contact us for a free quote.

No IT department? No problem. You can access the power of Timatic instantly via the web. All you need is an internet connection. No set up or special software required. Lastly, Timatic is also available in paper form via the Tim Manual.

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  • IATA immigration experts working around the clock
  • Each update is validated by an official independent source
  • Up to 200 daily rule changes
  • Updates done in real-time
  • Accessible within seconds around the globe

When you use Timatic, you get information sourced from over 2,000 government and airline officials all over the world. Our team of experts verify conflicting reports and make updates only when full accuracy can be confirmed.

Learn how and where IATA collects the latest travel regulations in Timatic.

Timatic for COVID-19

The rules for COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, entry forms and quarantine are changing constantly. Use the Timatic Widget and help your customers stay in control of their journey from planning to arrival.