Airlines are exploring how to fully utilize the commercial opportunities presented by the New Distribution Capability standard (NDC). How will they evolve their strategies and processes to grow revenues through better merchandizing? How will NDC support changes in the end-to-end distribution architecture?

Leveraging our leadership role in developing the NDC standard, IATA Consulting offers services to assist carriers in understanding the relevance of NDC to their current commercial processes and strategy with particular attention to the impact on distribution channels and channel management.

​How can IATA Consulting help?

IATA Consulting can provide an assessment of commercial, technical and partner requirements for NDC adoption and the impact NDC will have on an airline’s commercial processes, strategies, initiatives, and performance. Once completed, the carrier will be able to make an informed decision with respect to the pace and breadth of NDC adoption based on its current technical architecture, distribution strategy and commercial approach.

Our services provide an in-depth analysis of the costs, benefits and requirements for the successful identification and implementation of an NDC solution suited for a carrier’s business needs:

NDC Assessment

  • Assess commercial advantages and opportunities
  • Diagnostic analysis of the technology gap
  • Prioritize and estimate the potential benefits of NDC

Vendor Selection Support

  • Development and execution of a Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Vendor/Supplier evaluation
  • IT systems internal and industry compatibility
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Contract negotiation

NDC Implementation

  • Assist airlines in refining commercial strategy and business processes to realize the full benefits of NDC
  • Tracking of essential measurement benchmarks and performance metrics

More Information

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