Given their size and complexity, airport transactions require highly-specialized expertise. To properly evaluate an airport investment, it is absolutely crucial to identify and assess all risk factors that could potentially impact an airport transaction.

IATA Consulting has the tools and know-how to perform a complete airport transaction due diligence for governments, vendors, investors and financial institutions.

​Who benefited from our services?

Some target airports/clients that have benefited from IATA Consulting:


How can IATA Consulting help?

Working on your behalf, IATA Consulting conducts a comprehensive review of the target airport and evaluates all risks to the transaction, the capacity of the airport to meet its obligations as well as its potential as a long-term investment.

IATA Consulting offers a wide array of customized solutions to governments, vendors, investors and financial institutions during airport transactions. Our experts can assist airports in the following areas:


  • Strategic Analysis
  • Traffic Forecast
  • Marketing Development


  • Capacity Studies
  • Technical Studies
  • Master Plan & Land Use Plan
  • BOT Contract


  • Revenue
  • CAPEX estimates and OPEX assessment
  • Business Plan


  • Non-aeronautical activities


More Information

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